Antifa Hires Michael Myers from Halloween to Murder Portland Mayor

It’s really hard to know who to hate more, Portland’s virtue signaling soy boy of an excuse for a mayor or the rabid degenerates that infest Antifa.  As the video demonstrates the anarchists have sprung for a video camera and a Halloween mask and are threatening to eat Mayor Ted Wheeler’s entrails for lunch.  As I’ve already expressed, I think Portland (and Minneapolis too) deserves to be burned to the ground and all the inhabitants deported to Papua New Guinea where the local cannibals can feast for months on their worthless carcasses.

So Dementia Joe says there’s no such thing as Antifa.  Maybe they can go visit him at the White House when they’re through eating Mayor Ted.  I’m sure they have a lot in common.




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2 years ago

I don’t think “hate” is quite the right word for the Mayor, some were between “contempt” and “disgust” is more like it. When it comes to Antifa though, “hate” is a pretty good fit.