Finally a Rational Police Response to Portland’s Leftist Government

All fifty officers of Portland’s riot squad resigned after one of their members was indicted for allegedly assaulting a “journalist.”  My only comment is, “What took you so long?”

I think the whole Portland police department should simultaneously resign and let Antifa burn the whole stupid city to the ground.  The citizens of that city deserve every bad thing that happens to them.  I just wish Antifa was armed with nukes.




Antifa Hires Michael Myers from Halloween to Murder Portland Mayor

It’s really hard to know who to hate more, Portland’s virtue signaling soy boy of an excuse for a mayor or the rabid degenerates that infest Antifa.  As the video demonstrates the anarchists have sprung for a video camera and a Halloween mask and are threatening to eat Mayor Ted Wheeler’s entrails for lunch.  As I’ve already expressed, I think Portland (and Minneapolis too) deserves to be burned to the ground and all the inhabitants deported to Papua New Guinea where the local cannibals can feast for months on their worthless carcasses.

So Dementia Joe says there’s no such thing as Antifa.  Maybe they can go visit him at the White House when they’re through eating Mayor Ted.  I’m sure they have a lot in common.




Portland Tries to Refund the Defunded Police as Gangs Run Amok

So the elimination of the city’s anti-crime task forces seems to have allowed gangs to start shooting up the inner city of Portland. Who woulda thunk it?

Now they want to spend a little bit of money on a task force and a whole lot of money on a committee to watch over the shoulder of the task force and make sure they don’t hurt the feelings of the gangstas.  It’s just too hilarious.

I hope that the gangbangers and Antifa and BLM burn Portland completely down to the ground.  If not two stones were left stacked on each other it would make me supremely happy.  I would love nothing more than that the voters in Oregon got exactly what they voted for.  And while they’re at it I hope they burn down every other liberal city on both coasts and everywhere else.  The greatest outcome for all of this is for these imbeciles to get to experience first hand just exactly what happens when you empower a mob.  Eventually that mob runs out of your enemies and comes looking for you.

The only disappointment will be when some Mitt Romney clone comes along and helps Portland clean up the mess after the party is over.  What would be more appropriate is to just salt the ground and put up a monument as a cautionary reminder about what happens when Democrats are allowed to run things.