Finally a Rational Police Response to Portland’s Leftist Government

All fifty officers of Portland’s riot squad resigned after one of their members was indicted for allegedly assaulting a “journalist.”  My only comment is, “What took you so long?”

I think the whole Portland police department should simultaneously resign and let Antifa burn the whole stupid city to the ground.  The citizens of that city deserve every bad thing that happens to them.  I just wish Antifa was armed with nukes.




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1 year ago

Their patience far exceeds mine. Can you imagine after being assaulted hundreds of times in the past year without even a slight penalty to your tormentors and then having the legal book thrown at you?

Whoever is in charge of that hot mess needs to go down so badly! Absolute chaos.

1 year ago

My thoughts exactly, Photog.
These cops have more patience than I could ever have. Imagine watching the Burn, Loot, Murder gang get no billed and set free after committing assault, arson, and theft only to have one of your own charged with assault for doing the job you were asked to do.
I hope the whole police force walks and lets the woke pols (and the people who voted for them) live in the mess they made.