Know Your Friends, Know Your Enemies, Align Yourself Accordingly

As I sit here drinking a Coke that I bought at Walmart while typing on the laptop that I bought on Amazon using the data highway that I pay Spectrum to use I often wonder why corporate America craps all over me.  And then I remember, Oh yeah, it’s because I’m a chump that just gives them my money and doesn’t do anything to force them to care what I think.   And that makes me one of at least a hundred million non-Leftists that gets kicked in the teeth hourly by the stooges that toady for our godlike elites.  You might be wondering, “What’s his point?”  Well, follow me a little bit further along.

Let’s start with the heavy hitters.  Amazon hates you.  Not just a little, a lot.  They’ve even started refusing books based on their politics.  And Amazon will sell almost anything else.  And Amazon is at this point, half the retail economy of the planet.  But, but, but.  What can I do about that?  Well, here’s a thought.  Look at the sellers on Amazon.  Find out something about them.  If you find a company that supplies a lot of things you like but doesn’t celebrate their hatred of everything you stand for then start buying directly from them.  Cut out the leftist middle-man.  I buy all my camera gear from B&H Photo.  The store was founded by a couple of Jewish guys in Manhattan.  They’re closed on Saturday.  Are they Leftists?  Maybe yes maybe no.  Do they announce their possible leftism anywhere on their website or celebrate all the craziness that’s all around them in New York City?  Not that I can find.  So, they get all my business.  And over the course of 15-20 years that’s actually into middle five figures.  Could I have saved a few bucks on Amazon?  Probably, but they hate me so why should I add to their power?

And the same goes for whatever else I like.  Used books is a no brainer.  There are tons of used book sellers.  Why go through Amazon?  To save on the shipping?  Meh.  To get it overnight?  Meh.

How about Hardware?  I could go to Walmart and get whatever I want there.  But I go to the local hardware store.  Why?  Well, the guy who owns the store is theoretically my neighbor.  He pays his taxes in my town and sends his kids to the local school and I rub elbows with him at my grandson’s baseball and basketball games.  Am I losing some money?  Definitely.  But he can also give advice on a tool or on an alternate way of doing something.  Is he a leftist?  As it turns out he’s not.  He has a Trump sticker on his car as does my auto mechanic.

And don’t buy anything from Coke or Pepsi.  They both suck.  I have inside information on that.  They are among the worst.

Look at your neighborhood businesses.  If they aren’t big corporations and they don’t have any rainbow coalition or BLM signs, banners or stickers in sight take that as at least a sign of respect for our half of the population.  Get your coffee from a small shop or if that’s impossible at least don’t go to Starbuck’s.

Don’t pay to watch Disney, or any of its subsidiaries like ESPN.  Buy some of the classic Disney movies on DVD (used) and call it a day.  Don’t watch the NBA, NFL and at this point the MLB.  Find a minor league park and bring your kids to that.  If they take a knee during the anthem walk out and never come back after telling the management why.

Find authors and websites that reflect your values and patronize them.  Very, very carefully rate politicians and if you find one who is honest and actually conservative, spread the word.  If you have the cash you could contribute to his campaign.

But most importantly, educate yourself on who is on your side and who is not.  And do something about it.  Make a point of withholding your money from the Left and patronizing the Right.  And socialize with people who believe what you do.  And shun the Left.  It actually has an effect.  It may seem cruel but it’s not wrong it’s necessary.

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[…] Know Your Friends, Know Your Enemies, Align Yourself Accordingly […]

15 days ago

+1 for B&H Photo. Great service, competitive prices – and I don’t buy all that much camera gear.

Yes, shop local whenever possible. Even if it is Home Depot or Lowes, they pay local taxes and employ your neighbors.

As for cola – RC Cola tastes just as good as Coke and they don’t hate you.

War Pig
War Pig
14 days ago
Reply to  Chemist

I used to like RC, but impossible to find locally. 7 Up is getting hard to find, what with Coke pushing Sprite. I remember when Mountain Dew first came out. It was not overly sweet and was tangy. Now it is like drinking yellow corn syrup.

Another few brands that are gone or hard to find: Quench, Dogs ‘n Suds root beer, Dad’s and Hire’s root beer, Chocola, Mt Shasta sodas, Nehi sodas (outside of the South), Frosty root beer, Squirt, Faygo, Fresca, Get Up soda, and Golden Age strawberry soda.

War Pig
War Pig
14 days ago

“Curse the blasted, jelly-boned swines, the slimy, the belly-wriggling invertebrates, the miserable soddingrotters, the flaming sods, the sniveling, dribbling, dithering, palsied, pulse-less lot that make up England today. They’ve got white of egg in their veins, and their spunk is that watery it’s a marvel they can breed.’ – – – D. H. Lawrence, 1912 Substitute England for Liberal America and it still holds true. The reason why Democrats want to import illegals as voters is that they cannot reproduce for reasons stated by Mssr. Lawrence. Even AOC, who has the visage of a spoiled puppy, is probably unbreedable now.… Read more »

12 days ago

Easy for me to avoid progressive soft drink makers since I drink one a year, if even that. And I drink tap water and absolutely refuse to pay anyone $1-$2 for a plastic bottle of water. I’ve lost count of how much money I’ve spent with B&W. Other than by buying local as much as you can, I don’t know how to keep from feeding the progressives since corporate America is virtually 100% woke. It’s so uniform that the odd here and there non-woke corporation stands out plainly. Chick-Fil-A as an example. Odd that the best examples of the extreme… Read more »

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