Here’s A Shocker, Police Are Leaving Seattle-PD in Droves

With the murder rate at a 23 year high and most precincts undermanned the rush for the exits in the Seattle PD is “surprising.”  The future of policing in these cities will be fun to watch (if you don’t happen to live there).

The police basically wait for the bullets to stop flying and then call in the ambulance or the morgue wagon and put together the paperwork.

The rich have already flown from these cities to their new perches in more stable communities.  But they’ll continue to insist that they’re proud residents of Seattle, Portland, Chicago or New York.  I don’t think the cities come back from this one.  There isn’t the will.  I think we’ve achieved Brazil status.  It will be official when the police are replaced by death squads that clear the streets of the rich enclaves of the homeless and criminal elements under the cover of night.



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15 days ago

Seattle and Portland will not come back from this. Don’t believe me? Look at my home town: Detroit. We’re still waiting for that one to come back. I gave up on it in the 90’s.

NY and Chicago may come back because there is so much money there. NY came back once. All it will take is political will. Let’s see if Sliwa becomes mayor. He might bring it back.

15 days ago

Just how completely does leftism have to fail before the failure becomes an object lesson. Venezuela from the most prosperous nation in a continent to a hell hole in 15-20 years? How about the murder of most of a nation under Pol Pot? The murder of 100’s of millions under Mao and Uncle Joe? The rapid and total collapse of the economy of any nation that embraces socialism repeated endlessly over 100 years isn’t enough? The prime drivers of the push to socialism/progressivism aren’t from the “proletariat”, they are from the elite who want to be the new rulers and… Read more »

15 days ago
Reply to  TomD77

Never forget: There are always men who would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. If they have to turn this country into a hell hole to take charge, they will.

War Pig
War Pig
14 days ago

Portland’s murder rate is up some 900 percent. Wow. Some ritzy neighborhoods in liberal cities are employing their own security.

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