Oakland Police Chief: Crime Out of Control

When the Black Chief of Police tells you that defunding the police is what’s killing people at a frightening rate you might want to reconsider defunding.

Of course he doesn’t mention that when you delegitimize and demonize the police as white criminals they probably aren’t going to go out of their way to prevent crime.  They’ll just sweep up the bodies afterward and fill out the paperwork.

But don’t worry it’s California, they won’t listen to him.

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War Pig
War Pig
6 months ago

A friend on the Old Boy network sent me this today: “I was once willing to give my life for what this country stood for. Today, I’d give my life to protect my family from what this country has become.” Right on, brother. The left loves chaos. They thrive on it like ants on honey. Chaos and unlawfulness and lack of common sense is a part of their grand design. Then they put up a strong man (NOT Biden) and we have Germany, 1933, all over again. Fascism. As much as the left claims Trump is a fascist, they are… Read more »