Brain Dead Biden Upset That Supreme Court Got Something Right

Dementia Joe was whining today that SCOTUS didn’t screw up the safely obvious decision that Arizona is within its rights to legislate to prevent voter fraud by the Democrats in the cities they rule over.  This was legislation to prevent vote harvesting of absentee ballots by the scum that the Democrats hire to do their dirty work.

None of this is surprising.  The lying and play acting is a constant feature of the sociopaths that the Left employ as their puppets.  My only hope is that when the last of Biden’s brain cells finishes leaking out of his ears that he will no longer be able to make any audible sounds.  Sure they can animate the husk, probably for months after the nervous tissue in his head is gone but they’ll probably have to use some kind of recorded sound track from his greatest hits album.  I wouldn’t mind hearing the Saga of Corn Pop.  I mean, that’s a fun story.  But I don’t want to hear him whining about fairness or any of that crap.  It’s too nauseating.

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6 months ago

As many have said: This is Obama’s third term. PINO Joe is just doing what Obama dis – whine about any SCOTUS decision he didn’t like.
Nothing new here.