30JUL2021 – OCF Update – It’s All Been Said

Last night I was putting up some photos from last fall for the daily photo and I had some quotes to download (some Thomas Edison coming up).  Then I was thinking about what to write for a post.  But without anything new in the news I had nothing new to say.  We’re in a bad place and it will continue like this for a good long time until something gives.

The Left is running most things and if they want to continue locking down the blue states and weaponizing the federal government against us, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.  For the people lucky or smart enough to be living in the red states it’s different.  They can make changes to protect themselves from the feds and the Left.  DeSantis and Abbott are making some of the right noises.  Maybe we’ll see some sort of breakthrough that will spark some large scale realignment.  But right now it’s holding actions and some small efforts to clean up the mess.

And that’s not much to write about.  Abbott and Garland may be headed for a confrontation over Abbott’s executive order to criminalize transporting illegal aliens.  If it does come to a fight that will be interesting.  Seeing one of our guys standing his ground would be something to talk about.  But right now it’s just posturing on both sides.  So I’ve just said all there is to say.  DeSantis is going after the tech companies over anti-right discrimination.  But with the federal courts running cover will it stick?  If he does stick to his guns that might look like something interesting too.  But once again, to be continued.  So you see my dilemma.  There’s just not enough meat to make a stew out of.  It would end up just a thin soup with no flavor.

I’ll be putting together some culture pieces but those take time and thought.  So things are a little slow on the site right now.  But I think that’s better than just banging away at the same old themes.  Writing about the revolution when nothing good is afoot is sort of silly.  And since we’re deep into the silly season the next big news will probably be in September when all those blue states kids are going to be headed to the classrooms trying to breath through a gag.  Who knows, maybe one of the blue state governors will try to save his hide by leaving his state open and deny the teacher’s unions cover.  Or maybe a bunch of cities will start electing republican law and order types to save themselves from being savaged by Saint George Floyd’s disciples.  But I figured I’d explain the drop in output.  I’m also doing some fiction writing which also takes up a good chunk of time for writing and even plot outlining.

But for those who enjoy the content here I promise to be more resourceful and find interesting things that don’t depend on our political leaders doing the right thing.  Based on historical trends that would be a losing strategy

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1 month ago

I can’t wait to retire like yourself so I have more time to pontificate and fight back, at least with words or until “The Tree of Liberty is refreshed” (uh um..) of which I am ready to participate. Bongino says it’s time for us Patriots to move to red states so we can at least keep them red and not live in the bellies of the PRoM or PRoCT. That’s my goal anyway.

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