Not All Politics is Local but Local Politics Has Become Crucial

Thomas P. “TIP” O’Neill was the Democrat Speaker of the House during Ronald Reagan’s administration and he was an old time Boston Irish machine politician.  He made the famous but not very meaningful statement that, “All politics is local.”  What I think he meant was, “To a politician who wants to be re-elected all political issues better be considered from the local point of view.”

Well, I’m not going to give a lecture on elective politics.  What I wanted to write about is the way I’ve been thinking about local issues.  I think too many people despair of the local political scene without even doing the minimum of due diligence about the actual nature of the political setup.  And when I say local, I’m talking about your town or county.  I live in New England, the land of the woke.  But my town votes Republican.  That alone should tell me that there is some hope of getting involved in something meaningful.  The town government is heavily involved in education, taxes, services and many other things that have a direct effect on people’s lives.  But let’s say your town is hopelessly left leaning.  It’s still in your interest to find out who runs what and how they effect your life.  For instance, suppose you find out that there’s a seat open on the school board.  If you or one of your friends managed to get on the board just that change might be enough to minimize the damage that comes from all of the CRT nonsense that’s going on.  The information you learn might be enough to rally like-minded parents, even socially liberal parents who still would resent their children being propagandized.  Something like that is already occurring in blue-state Virginia.  Often people are a lot less likely to experiment with their kids lives than they are with other people’s lives.

And getting involved with town politics and policies may impact other things going on around you.  Many small towns are voluntarily building and zoning low-income housing.  Knowing that this is going on isn’t something automatic.  And likewise letting your neighbors know about something like that can have a huge impact on stopping it.  After all, the effect something like that has on housing value is very real.  After it’s too late isn’t the time to find out that you’ve lost half the value in your home.

Other important town business is also worth knowing about.  Things like who is being considered as police chief or whether the town is thinking of spending a lot of money on a library or an art center.  These things have a big impact on taxes and town budget constraints.

So, there are several reasons why getting involved in local politics is smart and also effective in making your local community better.  But even if you find out that you are completely outnumbered by raging woke leftists, at least the effort will provide you with that fact and the assurance that here is no hope for a normal life should spur you to get the hell out of the hellhole you inhabit and move to a place where you won’t be surrounded by pod people.  After all contact with pod people for extended periods will turn you into a zombie too.  At least that’s what I learned from watching several versions of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”