Poor Wittle Gavin Newsom Says Big Bad Recall is “Unfair”

This guy sounds like a big baby..  The big bad Republicans want to take away my toy!

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the recall effort against him is unfair and that its impacts will be felt “across the country.””…

“”My sense is, trying to be as objective as someone who is the target of this recall as I possibly can be, I think it will be quite pronounced for many, many years,” he said in response to what he thinks the consequences of a successful recall will be. “I think it will be felt all across the country. I think people haven’t really thought that through. … I don’t think the national Democratic Party is asking themselves that question.””…

“He added that the recall process against him has been weaponized by people with opposing political views.”…

“”I think the opportunity for the Republican Party with the midterm elections coming up, in [Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy’s backyard, in [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s state, in [Vice President] Kamala Harris’ home state, with California and the values we profess and practice that would be judged in a different light if this was a successful recall — I think it would have profound consequences nationwide,” the governor said.”…

“Newsom named immigration, climate change, health care and the coronavirus pandemic as issues that would be impacted by a recall.”

This clown deserves everything he gets.  How will the United States get along without him?  Well, I guess we’ll just have to muddle along, somehow.  Of course since he’ll be unemployed maybe we can hire him to cut the grass and clean up after the dogs.  Maybe he could be trained to do those things, maybe.

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5 months ago

Meh, he got where he is because of connections (The Gettys and Nancy Pelosi). He’ll be fine. Heck, CNN could replace Tater with him.