08AUG2021 – OCF Update – This’N’That

So the big news is I’ll be busy testing out my A-Mount lenses on the LA-EA5 adapter.  But I’ll keep up with what’s going on in the world.

The two headlines that caught my eye this morning are:

2 Chicago police officers shot, 1 killed in West Englewood shooting

I watched the clip and listened to pop-eyed Lori Lightfoot emoting for the shot cops.  Really kind of hard to believe she has the best interests of the police officers or the wider public in mind.  I will say she seems burnt out.  I doubt she runs for re-election.  Not that anyone would elect her at this point.  She is the poster child for a law and order rebound in Chicago’s future.  But maybe I’m wrong.  The numbers at this point may be for the gangs to run Chicago.  And I say let them have it.  Anyone who stays in the big cities has a death wish.

NBC sees ‘worst case scenario’ as Olympics ratings plunge amid ‘woke’ protests

I was reading the comments and the overwhelming majority opinion is that NBC and the sponsors got exactly what they deserved.  Whoever is still watching the “Hate America” Olympics is the woke sports viewer.  Apparently they’re not a big enough crowd for money to be made by sponsors and advertisers.  Good.  Come back when you can make believe you love America.  But at that point the number of suckers will be a pretty small number.  They’ve killed the goose that lays the golden eggs.  Now they can pound sand.

Well, the COVID harpies are pushing for vaccine passports and masks again.  They’ll be torturing small children going to school this year.  So far they haven’t forced the grocery stores and retail stores to force their patrons to either prove they’re vaccinated and/or wear a mask but it’s probably in the cards.

But I just attended a family get together yesterday and despite the nervousness of certain folks we didn’t have any mask nonsense or even waste any time talking about it.  Hopefully we’re past all that at this point.

Well, off to do some camera work.  Stay tuned.