10AUG2021 – OCF Update

Today I was on guard duty.  I fit in a little photo time and got a chance to participate in a zoom with the guys but it was a day that didn’t leave much time for writing.

But I did note a few interesting news items.

Cuomo resigned.  Too bad.  He would have driven the MeeToo girls crazy if he had hung in.  He’s such a sleazy guy that just seeing him with a D after his name makes me feel happy.  Oh well, Andy, we hardly knew ye.

But now what about Fredo?  Does CNN need the brother of a disgraced NY State Governor?  And that’s even supposing he could read and speak English fluently which he can’t.  Mother of mercy!  Could this be the end of Fredo?

I saw that Abbott in Texas successfully petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to block that leftist judge who wanted to shield the runaway Dem legislators from arrest for dereliction of duty.  That’s a good first step but he still needs to find a way to lure them back into Texas for arrest.  Maybe he can tell each of them he has won a million dollar lottery and it must be claimed in person.  Or maybe they can just tempt them with police officers posing as underage children for them to molest.  Either probably will get some results.  After all they’re Democrats.  Look at the pedo in the Arizona legislature.  He was the one celebrating his gayness.  In hindsight maybe not the ambassador for the LGBTQ movement.

I had the grandkids over today and the younger ones were in the pool but one of the senior ranks and I started watching the Lord of the Rings movies.  He’s a fan of the Two Towers so we dove in there.  A little too much Gollum in that disk for me.  He’s truly annoying.  We both decided that they should have given the Ring to Sam and he would have finished the mission before the end of the siege of Helm’s Deep.

I’ll have an installment of the photo series soon and I may have a political post later.  But right now family beckons.