Sounds Like the Sharks Smell Blood in the Water

Even the Dems seem to have decided that Dementia Joe is in big trouble.  I think it’s still too early to decide whether the Afghanistan withdrawal will be an embarrassing disgrace or a full-on horror show.  There are indications that the Americans trapped in Kabul may be in danger of ending up as hostages.  If that does happen I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing spins completely out of control and Biden is shipped off to the funny farm.

But if the Taliban decide it’s better for their plans to allow the Americans to leave altogether then this episode will just be one more humiliating example of why having a doddering old wreck of a scoundrel for president is a really bad idea.  You can be really old and be President.  Reagan proved that.  And you can be a lying scumbag and be president.  Bill Clinton proved that.  But a really old lying scumbag is a bridge too far.  It’s too easy to get mixed up among the lies.