24AUG2021 – What to Write About Today?

Writing a blog means creating content.  But you can’t make something out of nothing.  Let’s look at current events.

Probably enough has been said about Afghanistan.  At this point the damage is done to Dementia Joe’s credibility not only as a US President but even as a cognitively competent human being.  The fallout from the train wreck that is Kabul has yet to sort itself out.  Once that happens, we’ll know if the damage to this administration is serious or fatal.

The COVID nightmare isn’t going to be allowed to end anytime soon.  The people running the blue states are trapped in their own faulty reasoning and it will take reality a while before even their sheep-like constituents are ready to stop pretending the plague is out there.  The Delta Variant August spike in Florida has already petered out.  Yesterday there was one COVID death there.  Once the people in the lockdown states see the folks in the open states living their lives normally, they’re probably going to start wondering why they aren’t allowed to do the same.  But as I said, that will take a while.  So, let’s let that sit for now.

Gavin Newsom’s recall vote happens in mid-September.  Until then it will be the same old, same old, “it’s too close to call” blah, blah, blah.  So I’m status quo on that.

Let’s not even bother talking about the infrastructure and reconciliation bills.  They will tease us for some more months about Senators Sinema and Manchin resisting the leadership because they want to do “the right thing” for their constituencies.  I would say that the chance that a raft of anti-constitutional measures like mandated voter fraud and illegal alien amnesty isn’t part of the reconciliation bill is one chance in a million.  So, I won’t waste any breath on that.

What is interesting to me is that Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott still look like they are willing to resist the COVID vaccine mandates and other coercive behavior that the feds are pushing.  The mid-terms and their own re-elections are coming up and then the 2024 presidential election is surely front and center in their minds.  Possibly we might see some moves by either or both of these men to raise their national profiles and even get something substantive done to resist the Biden administration’s efforts to suppress freedom everywhere in this country.  But right now, there’s not much new to talk about them either.

As far as the eye can see, current events are a boring mess.  So, what to talk about?

How about something fun?

Here’s an article describing only two of the many problems with Joe Biden’s immense fleet of electric cars.  Not only would the load on neighborhood power transformers require a trillion-dollar upgrade to the power grid but the available stockpile of nickel and rare earth metals doesn’t come anywhere near the total needed to produce that number of auto-batteries.  And since electric grids at night when cars charge don’t get any solar energy the power being used to charge car batteries would be fossil fuel generated.   But because the efficiency of transmitted electricity is something around 60% the electric cars produce more CO2 per mile than gasoline powered cars.  Isn’t that special?