College Football Fans Perfect the Biden F-Bomb Cheer

Apparently Joe Biden is now being embraced by the college crowd.  Only maybe not as Biden himself might hope.  Across the South the F*** Joe Biden chant is gaining in popularity and volume.  A friend called me up to tell me that a television sports crew apologized for not silencing the crowd’s message in time to keep it off the air.

It’s good to see that our first undead president is connecting with the living the way he does.  They understand his plight.  Having to stay out of direct sunlight and avoiding mirrors and crucifixes is almost a full time job.  Keeping him in their thoughts and on their lips even while attending their local football game is a tribute to our semi-preserved somewhat comatose Commander in Chief.

What would be really great is if the armed forces picked up the same chant at the annual Army-Navy football game that I assume Biden will attend.  I know it would really give him a boost.  Ah, the stuff that dreams are made of.