ZMan Bashes Conservative Inc.

No one enjoys bashing the likes of Kevin Williamson and David French more than the ZMan.  I always remember fondly his description of an apocryphal event where a Massachusetts state trooper was beating a libertarian somewhere in western Mass. and the ZMan and a number of passing motorists stopped to help the policeman in his useful and pleasurable civic duty.

I can’t remember if it was a pod cast or a column but I do remember it was sometime around Thanksgiving.  I think it w as an homage (in a way) to the Alice’s Restaurant story.

Well, he has a column about the self-loathing trolls that carry water for the cloud people over at National Review or wherever they’re holed up now.  And it is full of venom and scorn for these pathetic relics of a bygone era when many on the Right still thought of them as friends.  As usual, very entertaining if you like cruel mockery which, of course, I do.