The Z-Man Catalogs the Groups That Make Up the Right

In his post today the Z-Man breaks down the “tribes” that make up the Right Wing by what they espouse.

  1. Gentry Conservatives
  2. Normies or Civic Nationalists
  3. Disgruntled Right
  4. Religious/Traditionalists
  5. Revanchist Right
  6. Dissident Right

These various groups are defined by the Z-Man based on the perspective they bring to the question of what should be done about our current mess.  His take on this is that the dissidents are the only ones that have a point of view that allows them to escape from the trap that he defines as liberal democracy.

I think it’s a good article to read to see which group you think you belong to.  And to see how or if you disagree with the Z-Man’s take.  As always he brings up good points.  But is his the only point of view that can beat the Left?