Will 2022 Do Anything Substantive to Fix Our Government?

A year from now every congressman and a third of the senators will be up for re-election.  Also, a bunch of governors, attorneys general and state legislatures will be voted on too.  Based on the current horror show that Biden has concocted it seems pretty certain that the Democrats will lose at least the House and very probably the Senate too.  Now that’s a pretty good thing.  It would block any new radical legislation that Dementia Joe’s handlers have in mind.  It would block any Supreme Court justices that were as bad as Merrick Garland would have been.  It would limit the damage to executive orders that can be reversed.

But we’ve been down this road so many times before.  1994, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010, 2016.  Every time we get some remarkable success in capturing or holding the Congress or the Presidency or both we just end up at best treading water or more likely losing ground.  So, the question I’m asking is will this time be any different?  And the answer is no.  Unless they’re willing to take drastic measures.

To my way of thinking the best path forward would be the following.  In 2022 and 2024 the Republicans should do whatever they can to win back the Congress and the Presidency.  That will require the swing states to clean up their voter fraud problem.  That is absolutely necessary.  They should also shore up as many state governments as they can control.  Then in 2025 the President and the Congress need to clean out the intelligence agencies of as much of the cabal as they can find.  Fire everyone who participated in the 2016 coup.  Likewise, they need to clear out the military of all the mutinous officers’ corps starting with General Milley.  Then they need to pass as much legislation as they can to dismantle the surveillance state starting with repealing the Patriot Act.  Of course, they’ll have to eliminate the filibuster but this will be a one-shot deal anyway.  Then while the Republicans have control of Washington, they need to pass a law that allows states to peacefully secede from the United States.  At that point we can divvy up the armed forces and the nuclear arsenal and settle the currency issues and say goodbye.  We’ll even donate John Roberts to the Blue States for their very own all progressive Supreme Court.

Of course, this sounds like a pipe dream but the beauty of it is that each step is legal, doable and leads to a state that can’t be undone in the next election cycle.  Of course, when I say doable, I mean that it can be done by competent and dedicated men.  Cleaning out the intel agencies and the armed forces will take people familiar with how these agencies work and the courage to challenge powerful and dangerous individuals.  Donald Trump wasn’t able to do that.  Whoever takes the White House away from the Democrats next is going to have to be ready to dismantle the Deep State or else he will fail the same as every other Republican before him.