Letting Go of Comforting Pessimism

Over the last five years it’s been necessary to recognize just how dysfunctional American politics had become.  Adding together the power and corruption of the Deep State and the cowardly and backstabbing nature of the Republicans with the ubiquitous nature of the Left’s control of almost all of the levers of power in civil society it is almost impossible to overestimate how hopeless the Right’s plight seems to be.  I mean, look at what the FBI did to the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.  And after what the 2020 election tells us about the ability of the Democrats to nullify their opponents’ electoral advantage by simply fabricating votes through fraud, it’s amazing we haven’t all just thrown in the towel and given up on this country.

But unfortunately, there is hope.  And hope is painful and exhausting because it comes with inevitable disappointment.  If you take three steps forward there will be two steps back.  Out of every hundred “leaders” maybe three or four will be for real.  The rest are grifters, nuts and just plain RINO’s.  What passes for pro-Trump Republicans is a motley crew that includes politicians who have put on a disguise of being on our side.  And that becomes clear when they get a chance to vote with Democrats on obvious partisan issues like the infrastructure bill.  Looking at Republicans like Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney should be enough to extinguish any last embers of hope that are still remaining on the Right.

But I’ve come to the scary conclusion over the last few months that someone like Ron DeSantis might just be able to rally enough people around him to take some ground back from the Biden Administration and his Deep State stormtroopers.  It’s definitely not certain or even highly likely but it is possible.  And if it is, I’d be a coward if I didn’t at least allow myself to follow the story and even help the effort if it comes to it.  I just read the other day that Republican voter registration in Florida exceeded Democrat registration for the first time in history.  And then we have the elections in Virginia.  And the Federal Courts have put a temporary injunction on the OSHA vaccine mandate for larger companies.  And Biden’s poll numbers have plunged.   And, and, and.  Let’s face it horrible, horrible optimism is creeping into the political scene against my will.

So, I will not pretend that nothing has improved since that horrendous day last November when the fake Biden win was engineered against us.  The blowback from so many bad policies and incompetent leadership is becoming a storm.  Whether it turns into a hurricane that blows away Dementia Joe’s regime remains to be seen.  But just ignoring all this is a mistake I don’t intend to make.

And I won’t suddenly become some kind of Pollyanna pundit.  I’ll call them as I see them.  You won’t hear me seeing allies in every leftist who complains about woke persecution.  That’s just friendly fire on their side.  I won’t start warning against primarying RINO’s.  RINO’s not only deserve to be knocked out of their offices but doing so is therapeutic.  Even if it means we lose a seat to the Dems.  Punishing traitors is good for the movement and good for morale.  I will pay attention to the real results positive and negative.

But doggone it, I’m not going to be allowed to wallow in my delightful misery.  I’ve got to start caring about things again.  Well, here we go.