What is BLM’s Mission?

It’s in the name, right?  Black Lives Matter.  That means that blacks have been illegally targeted by the police for no good reason.  That’s been the narrative used since Obama’s regime was running the FBI.  And yet, every one of the alleged victims was a thug.  Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd and the rest of their less well-known associates.  Each one was killed either committing a violent assault or resisting arrest.

What that tells me is that the goal is to make black criminals immune from arrest.  This requires that the police will be prevented from using force to subdue dangerous criminals.  So, if you commit a robbery or even a murder all you have to do is resist and fight your way out of the arrest.

And how do you make something like this happen?  Easy.  You do it in blue cities and you use the FBI to frighten the cops into laying down.  After what happened to the cops who were involved in the Michael Brown and George Floyd cases it’s obvious that there will be no justice for police involved.  They will be the criminals and the thugs will be the heroes.

And now that the police have been neutered, the looting and burning is a part of daily life taken for granted by the urban dwellers in places like Portland and Seattle.  These activities are studiously ignored by the FBI.  And the FBI is the branch of the federal government that was specifically created to deal with organized crime.  But Antifa and BLM have a free pass.  They’re ignored but a kid like Kyle Rittenhouse has helicopters following him to make sure the prosecution has all the evidence they might need to send him to jail for life for trying to stop the mob from burning down another city.

I read that Ron DeSantis has enacted new legislation to arrest and jail rioters.  But he is one of few.  In all the other areas of the country the cities are devolving into lawless free-fire zones.  The woke black lesbian mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, who let the BLM riots devastate her city, even she has finally balked at the level of lawlessness that the even crazier black woman state’s attorney, Kimberly Foxx has unleashed on the city.  Foxx refused to prosecute gangs involved in a murderous shootout.  Her reason, because it was a mutually engaged in fight.  So, no charges, not even littering for filling the streets with spent bullet cartridges.  Gang war is now just part of daily life in Chicago.  Basically, that is a return to the situation when Al Capone ran whiskey back in the 1920’s.

A friend of mine is convinced that this whole approach is a ploy to allow the police to be federalized.  Maybe he’s right.  But whatever the deeper motives may be there is no doubt that the destruction of law and order will lead to dire consequences.  An obvious one is that the urban areas will become violent hellholes that all normal people will flee.  But these areas will be centers from which the criminal gangs that inhabit them will range out to commit all manner of crime against the surrounding suburban and even rural areas.  And that will be where the conflict will probably be resolved.  Eventually the states will either have to step in and rein in this organized crime or vigilantism will become the policing of last resort.

Maybe the vigilantes will brand their organization White Lives Matter.  It sounds like a concept whose time has come.

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2 months ago

How long until we see an actual resurgence of the Klan?

2 months ago
Reply to  photog

The Klan was effective in some things… but probably not the way we are thinking. However, I could definitely see the BLM thing leading to people connecting with an “offsetting” group.

2 months ago

Photog, I’m surprised you need to ask. They told us their mission flat out: “We are trained Marxists”. What do Marxists want? Power, control, supremacy. They want to be in charge. They will get that the way Marxists have always done – by causing chaos. The plan is to make enough people miserable that they clamor for change or, at least, do nothing to stop it. And yes the blue cities will die. Its part of the plan. And yes, criminals will range out from the blue cities into the suburbs where they will continue to burn, loot and murder… Read more »

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