28NOV2021 – OCF Update – This’N’That

Good morning my fellow normal people.  Welcome to another day of figuring out how to navigate Crazyland.  I looked through the articles this morning.  Same old, same old.  You know, things like Dementia Joe can’t figure out how gas prices went up and he’s asking the Justice Department to pummel the Law of Supply and Demand into submission.  Brilliant stuff like that.

I read an impassioned defense of woke-ism by some idiot who was re-animating slavery for the millionth time to justify anti-white racism.  So here we are a hundred and fifty plus years after slavery and somehow it’s still busy oppressing people left and right.

Alright, so let’s look at slavery.  Well, slavery is really bad.  So we had slavery here.  We don’t anymore but, yes we had slavery.  But you know what’s worse than slavery?  Cannibalism.  And you know where cannibalism was (and to some extent is) a real thing?  Africa.  All the way up to the present day cannibalism existed there.  Back in the 1800’s if two tribes had a war, the winners collected up the dead and the wounded and butchered them for lunch.

And there was plenty of slavery in Africa but when someone wasn’t that useful for work he went in the pot.  So if you were someone who was captured as a prisoner after a war and you had a choice between being sent on a hellish slave ship to a distant land to work your life away as a slave or have your throat cut and end up as stew which would you pick?

It’s a fair question.  I’m not sure what I’d do.  But these weren’t choices.  They were just the fortunes of war.  If the Arabs were offering a price for slaves that was above the market price for meat then the prisoners went on the boat.  If not they went in the pot.

The remarkable thing is we decided slavery was wrong on our own.  I think that alone is reason enough for all this woke nonsense to be refuted.  Comparing its track record to that of any other civilization that we know of, the Western world has been remarkably generous with other peoples.  The Arabs and the Turks kept slaves.  It never occurred to them to free them as a matter of moral duty.

Anyway it’s something to think about when the wokesters start yammering about slavery.  Of course I am waiting for cannibalism to emerge here.  I figure California or New York are the most likely places but who knows?  Maybe some artisanal entrepreneur right here in Dunwich could get the thing going.  They’ll probably put out a full-color magazine, well at least an e-zine, and maybe a cable show.  It really makes you think, doesn’t it.

I’m still suffering from the Omicron Variant.  I’m presently using a home-made ventilator to keep me alive.  It makes typing difficult but what can you do?  I went through the patent for Ivermectin and hope to whip up a batch after lunch but, once again, ventilator in the way.  The sun’s not out today so it’s pretty dreary here at the Compound.  In less than a month the winter Solstice will occur I’ll have to build the stone altar and sacrifice a shoggoth or a werewolf or maybe an ear of corn (inflation) at the appointed hour when the portal opens in the sky and Azathoth and the blind idiot pipers materialize in our space-time.  After they gorge themselves on the sacrifice, I’ll invite them in for a glass of eggnog and talk about what they’re planning for Christmas.  I hear Cthulhu already has his lights up and is inviting folks over to see them.  Considering his track record on eating guests, I think I’ll just wait till he puts up a photo on his site.

So I’ll have to be cured of this wretched virus by then or I’ll catch my death of cold outside.  I wonder what they’ll name the variants after they get up to Omega?  Anyway, I should have something interesting to write about later today.  Have a nice day.

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 month ago

” If the Arabs were offering a price for slaves that was above the market price for meat then the prisoners went on the boat.  If not they went in the pot.”

I never learned the real history of how cannibalism utilized such an enterprising approach. Thanks.

Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 month ago

I still like it particularly because I never thought/learned much about cannibalism as a viable historical consideration.

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