10DEC2021 – OCF Update – This’N’That

  • Urban Mayors and Prosecutors continue to get called out by their constituencies for the complete breakdown of law and order in their cities.
  • Federal judges continue to put together a patchwork of stays against Dementia Joe’s volley of vaccination mandates.
  • Fauci and company continue to call for a permanent vaccination regime.
  • Polls show Democrat and especially Biden popularity in free fall.
  • Economy mired in runaway inflation and the word recession beginning to be whispered in economic circles.
  • The omicron variant getting closer and closer to being confirmed as the benign end of the COVID-19 nightmare.
  • Jussie Smollett’s jury felt safe to admit reality in their verdict.  I’m sure this pathetic excuse for a man will get off with a slap on his limp wrist.  Even Dave Chappelle knew from the outset that no one could believe this story.  But it is comforting to see that fantasy is starting to recede even in places like Chicago.  Not that it will save these places but it’s comforting in the same way that knowing that gravity will keep the Earth in its orbit.

Yeah, it’s just another Friday.  Well, I did my chores yesterday, moved the snow off the driveways and cleared a few leaves out of the gutters.  Tomorrow’s another grandchild birthday party here with a rematch of the worst pool players under five feet tall.  Should be fun.

I’m freezing my review of Justified Deadly Force at the top row of the site for a while to try to give it the maximum visibility I can.  If anyone wants to link to it I’d really appreciate it.

Hope to get some writing done today so stay tuned.