Saturday Snow Cleanup and Reality Begins to Seep Through

Well today’s outdoor work took a lot longer than I expected.  That’s what I get for trying to do a good job.  But it was a beautiful, cold, sunny winter day and I got plenty of fresh air.  When I checked the news, Dementia Joe’s approval numbers had hit another all-time low.  Another medical expert is calling out Fauci and the rest of the health establishment about COVID lies.  And there are indications that the Supreme Court is going to find the OSHA vaccine mandate unconstitutional.  So, it seems like reality is starting to sink in all over the place.

And I can confirm that even in a little town like mine people are starting to take notice that getting vaccinated can be a dangerous thing.  Someone I know well, someone who is a staunch believer in boosters and tests and masks, told me that a sixteen-year-old girl in town died of heart failure.  No one is going to think that’s a normal thing.  That’s going to scare a lot of parents.  People are starting to reconsider the information they’ve been fed.

You know things have been crazy now for so long I haven’t even considered that maybe a lot of people who have been part of the problem might change their minds about the madness they’ve backed.  Could enough of the suburban women come around to the idea that they’ve been on the wrong side?  I guess we’ll know soon enough.

On the home front, Princess Sack of Potatoes has been home sick for a week with COVID but luckily, it’s omicron so she’s already feeling better and getting mighty uppity.  Both her mom and dad have the bug too so now there’s a serious power imbalance in the house.  They’re getting weaker and she’s growing stronger.  Camera Girl misses her granddaughter so she’s also getting uppity.  That means there’s no peace for me.  But I’m relieved that the little girl has gotten over the bug.  Now there shouldn’t be any nonsense about this three-year old girl getting that stupid vaccine ever.  She’s got the best kind of immunity and she won’t have any of the side effects.

I read where the drug makers wanted the results of the drug testing for the vaccines kept secret for seventy-five years.  I heard that they were not accommodated on this and the results will be available soon.  Something tells me those results weren’t normal.  I’m guessing that without legal immunity the manufacturers would never have dared to put these drugs into people.  I get the feeling that a lot of stuff is going wrong for the people running this country and it wouldn’t surprise me if they start to change their tune real soon.  If the Supreme Court rules against the vaccine mandates, I’ll bet Joe Brandon is going to soften his tune and start reconsidering a lot of things like his COVID policies, his anti-fossil fuel policies and who knows, maybe even his open border stance.  He’s made a lot of people very angry and they’re not going to forget anytime soon.  After the midterms he’ll try to sell everyone the old “bipartisan” routine.  Hopefully the Stupid Party will be slightly less stupid than usual and resist the impulse to help the evil Party out of their mess.

Enjoy the weekend.