Springing Ahead, So to Speak

Being out and about yesterday was most enjoyable.  The combination of sunlight and activity was a tonic.  And all the positive comments for the classic car photos in the last couple of days made me want to forage outside in the real world again.  Being couped up at the Compound is too confining.  I’ve got to look around and see what day trips I can find to provide photographic subjects.  I’ll start small with some forays around Dunwich and then branch out around New England.  Who knows, maybe I’ll hazard a trip into Boston or New York city to photograph the wreckage of 21st century urban America.  But it’s apparent that it’s time to call an end to the pandemic.  It’s just too stupid to maintain any longer, even for people as stupid as the politicians.

And there are many signs of this in the articles both the Left and the Right have been posting in the last week or so.  Even the hopeless Karens are yearning to be free.  All that is needed to throw this over the top is the Supreme Court to veto the vaccine mandates and set us free at last.

Will they do it?  My guess is yes.  I think enough information on the stupidity of the vaccine strategy exists to give the justices a compelling reason to recognize the unconstitutional nature of the mandates.  Sure, we know the Supreme court will ignore constitutionality when national security is at stake or seems to be at stake.  They proved that with the Patriot Act.  And at least the Patriot Act had a bipartisan majority and the legislature and president behind it.  This is an overreach of an executive order that orders people to take a medicine in order not to lose their jobs.  It’s an outrage.  Of course, I guess I’ll have to figure out what to think if the Supreme Court fails us.

I read that the White House is building bunker walls and concrete barriers around the building.  Sounds like they might be thinking of doing something very bad to us sometime soon.   Or maybe the latest favorability polls have scared Dementia Joe.  The Quinnipiac poll has him at a net -19% (meaning 35% unfavorable to 54% unfavorable).  That’s getting down into Nicolae Ceaușescu territory.  Maybe he should be building that bunker.

I read that the Senate is going to push forward with the election fraud initiative but Manchin and Sinema aren’t on board.  If that fails, they’ll try to convince them to eliminate the filibuster.  If that fails, they’ll try to convince them to eliminate the filibuster for just this one election law.  But it seems like they’re up against a stone wall.  Now wouldn’t that be marvelous!

I’m sure there are Republicans just champing at the bit to screw all this good fortune up.  Mitt Romney comes to mind for some unknown reason.  But right now, we seem to be dodging bullets left and right.  Damn it!  I’m gonna be optimistic today.  It just feels right.  And nothing breeds bad luck like bad luck and the Dems just keep stepping on those garden rakes.  Have a nice day and get some sun.

Update:  The Supreme Court did the right thing on the OSHA Vax Mandate.  They just struck it down.  So there’s some good news for us.