Supreme Court Strikes Down OSHA Vax Mandate

This is fantastic news.  Unless that old psychopath wants to fly in the face of the judiciary branch of government this should be the end of his attempt to deprive people of their livelihood.

Unfortunately, they upheld the the mandate for federally funded healthcare agencies with a 5-4 vote.  But half a loaf. I have to assume this will hasten the end of a lot of this COVID fascism.  Companies that don’t want to torture their employees anymore will be able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and that may make them more competitive.

Well anyway, baby steps here.  One small step for the Right.  One giant step for America.

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9 days ago

It appears the old psychopath will fly in the face of the SCOTUS ruling.

I think the message is: “Nice company you got there. Be a shame if someone were to….
Audit it.
BTW, you know your contracts with the Feds are coming up for renewal, right?
Wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of that. Would we?”

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