Reality is Starting to Seep into the Ukraine Coverage

For the last three weeks we’ve been hearing that the Ukrainians were winning their fight with Russia.  We heard about thousands of dead Russians and how the Ukraine wouldn’t give into the Russian demands on NATO and neutrality.  Well, that’s over.  Zelensky admits that Ukraine will not be joining NATO.  And according to this  Fox reporter returning from Ukraine, the Russian victory isn’t an if but a when.

And it’s a good thing for the Ukrainian people.  The sooner they come to terms with the Russians the sooner the death and destruction ends.  This is reminiscent of the United States and Mexico in the 19th century.   Smaller countries should keep on the good side of larger neighbors if they can.  I’m not saying it’s just.  It’s just reality.



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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
1 year ago

Too bad that in won’t sink in on Capitol hill