What Will Collapse Next?

Dementia Joe has shown himself to be the master of disaster.  I think we should give credit where credit is due.  So, let’s review Joe’s list of accomplishments.  Get comfortable.  It’s a long list.

I guess we could start with his campaign.  He ran it from his basement.  Huddled in the dark to avoid dying of COVID he made pronouncements blaming COVID on Donald Trump and kowtowing to the BLM rioters in statements littered with mumbled failures at meaningful English.  The list of his verbal gaffes is too long and all-encompassing to review.  Let’s just say broadly that at times he misstated who, what, where, when and how things were and had no clue as to why.

Then there was his choice of Vice President.  Kamala Harris is breathtakingly stupid.  Add to that, she has created a method of talking in circles to allow her to spout four hundred words by repeating four words over and over again.  Someone must have told her she has to fill up a certain amount of time.  Maybe she was on a debating team or something.  But it’s maddening to listen to.  You want to whack her with a yardstick to make her stop talking.  I guess besides her identity politics credentials she has the added advantage that she’s one of the few people Biden could pick that doesn’t make him look stupider by comparison.

Then there is the election.  Now, to be fair, this wasn’t within Joe’s purview.  His handlers rigged the election and he was just the blank card they drew to cheat a whole country out of its choice for President.  But let’s attach this one to him because at the least he was in on the deal.

Next, I’ll lump all the COVID mismanagement into one big pile of awful.  The lockdowns.  The school closings.  The mask mandates.  The vaccine mandates.  The boosters.  The executive orders forcing companies to fire employees for not getting shots they didn’t want.  The military vaccine mandate forcing soldiers out.  And the endless lies about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines.  And then when he had lost the trust of most of the country his famous “long winter of illness and death for the unvaccinated” speech.  COVID is probably the biggest nail in the Biden coffin.

I shouldn’t forget the Afghanistan debacle.  That was the one that cracked his presidency.  The military drew down their boots on the ground before evacuating the tens of thousands of civilians that were still in Kabul.  Also, they handed over the highly defensible air base and were forced to use the vulnerable Kabul airport for evacuation.  The spectacle of Afghanis falling to their deaths from the landing gear of US military planes fleeing Kabul during the rout that was supposed to be an orderly retreat from Afghanistan was what first sank Biden’s approval rating.

A number of servicemen were killed by a suicide bomber during the panicked retreat and just to underscore the incompetency of the military leadership a retaliatory missile strike at the attackers instead blew up a family with a bunch of kids.  Biden’s henchman took their cue from spokes-liar Jen Psaki and claimed that, all things considered, the debacle was a well-ordered operation.  From that point on bald faced lying then became the go-to for the Biden administration’s response to self-inflicted disasters.  Of course, this eventually wore Jen Psaki out.  Poor thing.

After that we had inflation.  The first hints were noticed in mid-2021.  But true to form they were denied in-toto by Psaki and the President.  Prices weren’t increasing they were just decreasing slightly here and there.  We shouldn’t be worried about inflation.  We should be afraid of deflation.  That’s why the President wanted to spend five or six trillion more.  Have to pump up that economy you know!  But pretty soon food and gas were becoming very expensive and anyone who wasn’t truly wealthy began to notice the grocery totals and the gas pump bill were skyrocketing.  And when it became impossible to deny, Psaki told us it was temporary.  “Just the end of the COVID bubble.  Nothing to fret about.  Ninety nine out of a hundred Nobel Prize Economists concur that we’ll be right back on track in a few more months.”  Well, now those same economists say it will be years before inflation subsides.  In the meantime, it has eaten away at the wages everyone makes and robbed a generation of young people of prosperity.

Then the famous supply chain disruptions.  During the COVID lockdowns toilet paper became hard to find on the shelves.  But we all smiled and shrugged our shoulders and joked about preppers.  But in 2021 and into this year we all started noticing empty shelves at the grocery store and Walmart.  All sorts of things and foods came up missing or began becoming ridiculously expensive.  I remember Camera Girl telling me that at one point oat meal disappeared off the shelves and when it returned it was twice as expensive for a while.  When this became an undeniable problem Jen Psaki explained it all to us.  It was the corrupt dock workers in Los Angeles who refused to off-load all those Chinese freighters backed up in the harbor.  Luckily Mayor Pete Buttigieg in his new capacity as Transportation Secretary was on it.  He gave a speech that was very reminiscent of some of Kamala Harris’s best efforts.  There were circular word patterns, hints about white privilege, talk about working round the clock and plenty of gay mansplaining.  But here we are almost a year into his laying down the law and somehow the shelves are emptier than ever.  Now we’re left with the impression that shutting down the economy for a year and depending on China to produce and transport everything we need may not be the brilliant idea our ruling elites took it for.  But don’t worry.  Mumbles Biden gave a speech and told us he’s building a ginormous Intel chip factory in Ohio that will replace all the infrastructure in Taiwan and China.  Boy I feel better.  I wonder if they can make some toilet paper there too maybe.

And then Dopey Joe and his military Dream Team decided to pick a fight with Putin over the Ukraine.  The blinding stupidity of this decision is depressing.  Russia controls enormous reserves of oil, gas and critical minerals.  In addition, Russia and Ukraine are major producers of wheat and fertilizer.  The impact of the war and the subsequent sanctions on Russia have spiked the prices of oil and gas above and beyond their already inflated prices.  And scarcity of wheat and the increase in food prices caused by fertilizer price jumps will bring starvation to the third world and actual hunger to the poor in the United States for the first time in decades.  And Biden’s sanctions have pushed Russia into the arms of China.  And between the two of them they are decoupling the dollar from the price of petroleum which is one component of what makes the dollar the default currency for the world.  So effectively, by attacking Russia, Biden has weakened the US currency just when it was in a very precarious position from the inflationary policies that he has been pursuing during COVID.  Even for Dementia Joe this was a disaster home run.

So, what’s left?  Well, infants can’t get baby formula.  The FDA has shut down 40% of the national supply of formula and had no plan for making up the difference.  Well, the progressives don’t like breeders anyway.  Do parents vote?  Well don’t worry Joe was able to get enough formula to the illegal alien mothers at the border so the important people were okay.

I won’t add on the rolling crime waves in the cities.  Sure, that’s the responsibility of Joe’s puppet master.  But let’s face it.  That’s above Joe’s pay grade.  So, I’ll give him a pass.

And that brings us up to date.  So, the question at the beginning of this diatribe is, “What will collapse next?”

Here I’ll have to put on my magic hat and gaze into the crystal ball.  Well, if I cheat a bit, I guess I’ll extrapolate from the drops in the stock market to predict a market crash.  Of course, I’ve been away from the market for decades.  Back in the 1980s seven hundred points was a crash.  Now a thousand-point loss is a bad day sell off.  But based on all the problems afflicting the world economy I assume that a bear market is inevitable.  And I’m guessing this will usher in a recession.  What comes after that is anyone’s guess.

So, Joe has easily unseated Jimmy Carter as the worst modern-day president.  The way he’s going Herbert Hoover and Andrew Johnson must be starting to feel the heat.  I will show a little caution here.  I still think we’re a long way from cannibalism.  But what Joe has proven is that he’s not just unlucky.  Everything he touches self-destructs.  We will all suffer but what he has ensured is that when the mid-terms come and again in 2024 voters will reject Joe and his party with visceral hatred at all the misery and outrage, he has put them through.  Well done, Joe, well done.

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1 month ago

You left out the tidal wave of illegal immigrants coming over our border and the Fentanyl epidemic that came with it.
To be fair – there is a lot to cover when discussing PINO Joe’s failures.
Next? Housing crash. The housing market drives a lot of the US economy and i expect to see it crash in the next 6 months. This will lead to a bizarre job market with high unemployment for unskilled laborers and a need for people with skills.
As for Sleepy Joe, he had this to say:

1 month ago
Reply to  Chemist

Agree on housing. Over the past several decades average house cost has increased far more rapidly than average family income. The primary factor that has allowed this trend would be close to zero interest rates. Another couple of interest rate hikes should suffice to force a reckoning in housing. Another major industry that faces similar forces would be the automotive. Again, extraordinairly inflated price curve compared to wages has principally been made possible but low interest rates. The average automobile cost as of Dec 2021 was $47,000. That is 80%-90% of an average family income in most states. Just how… Read more »

1 month ago

Year of experience tells me that bad management corrections require a strong superior manager unafraid to roll heads without hesitation; regardless of their position or title. In the process, much dead weight, incompetence, and corruption disappear.

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