The Hour Approaches

Tomorrow is the flight.  In fact, I’m heading out the door in eight and half hours.  So, the era of radio silence is upon me.  I’ll try to monitor the news in case Creepy Uncle Joe morphs into a giant cockroach or centipede or something.  Or if Joe and Kamala resign and Nancy Pelosi takes up residence in the White House.  If that happens, I’ll have a lot to say.  But short of that I’ll probably be incommunicado for most of the trip.  I’ll post pictures as well as I’m able and I may put up some posts with my impressions of the mountain west.  The daily photo and quote are already loaded and scheduled for the whole trip.

I hope everybody’s summer is progressing as planned.  Unless I’m eaten alive by a grizzly bear, I expect to re-emerge on July 21st revitalized and rededicated to insulting leftists whenever they say stupid things, which is always.  I’ll check on the comments so feel free to leave them.  This the longest I’ll be away from the site in six years so I’ll probably suffer withdrawal symptoms out there in the wilderness.  But it’s probably good for me to unplug and deal with life without the internet for a change.

Hasta la vista baby.