Being Preached to by a Congenital Liar

I read through some of Creepy Joe’s speech.  It’s the usual bizarro world version of reality.  Evil is good, down is up and crazy is sane.  It’s good to see he’s pulling out all the stops.  So, here we have Biden doing what he always does, lying through his teeth.  Putting aside questions of wholesale voter fraud, we will see whether suburban women will vote for their families or their place in the hive.  I think it’ll be close but I could be wrong.  Last year we had Virginia vote against a party that was trying to propagandize their children at school.  Since then, the economy has tanked and the Biden administration has weaponized the IRS.  Experience says the Democrats will be punished but Roe v Wade will stir the women into a frenzy, at least the crazy ones.  So, we’ll have to see how all this goes.

But I think it’s worth mentioning that this country must be pretty far gone if we’re in this situation.  Anyone who has been paying attention knows that not only is Joe Biden an inveterate liar and an influence peddler but also that his whole term as president has been an unmitigated disaster.  He allowed COVID to tear apart the economy of this country and then he bungled every single task that presented itself.  He stoked inflation with senseless multi-trillion-dollar payouts to people who should have been back at work.  He allowed bureaucrats to force useless and unsafe vaccines on people who neither wanted nor needed them.  He watched as his incompetent Pentagon botched the Afghan retreat.  And he’s stood by like a mook while the cities of this country have descended into lawlessness.

And now that his underwater approval rating is poised to lose the Democrats both the House and Senate, he gives this imbecilic hit piece of a speech claiming that half the country is an evil treasonous cabal against the virtuous forces of his storm troopers in the FBI.

And of course, the media laps it up.  They’re completely on the same page.  But what about the American public?  According to the polls about 40% think Biden is doing a good job.  Well good for the other 60%.  But 40% of America is a big number.  If there are that number of people satisfied with Biden then we’re in big trouble.  In fact, even with massive fraud it still shouldn’t have been possible for him to have gotten elected in the first place.  And that’s why I’m starting to wonder if there is any long-term hope for this country.

Even if we take back Congress in November and the White House in 2024, we’re still looking at almost half this country composed of some combination of crooks and imbeciles.  That’s got to be too high a percentage to allow for the long-term survival of this country.  And I don’t know what I’m supposed to say about that.  The smart thing would be to figure out a way to loosen up the federal system so that the states that aren’t as filled with stupid people can survive the stupid decisions that the stupid states make.  But how does that get done?  You can see why I’m more than a little dismayed.

But at the very least I hope the House impeaches that lying sack of crap for all of the crimes that have already been exposed on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.  He deserves a prison sentence that he surely couldn’t outlive but I’d settle for seeing him exposed publicly in front of all the dimwits who voted for him as the crook he truly is.  At least it’s something.