This Guy Thinks the Deep State in Going to Jettison Dopey Joe

I’ll break it down.  They’re going to use this document thing to deep six Dementia Joe and replace him with Gavin Newsom in 2024.   Well, I guess, maybe, I dunno.  I guess I’m getting jaded.  I’ve stopped caring about all the clever things the Democrats can do to misdirect the American people.

Whether it’s Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom or Bozo the Clown the program will be the same.  As long as this goes on without opposition there’s really not much excitement about which talking head is in the center ring.

I guess for people who try to figure out exactly how the maniacs running our country manipulate the public this might be fascinating.  Well there you go.  Let the chess games begin.

Meanwhile, what I’d find more interesting is whether the House Republicans will have the backbone to start saying no to the Senate and White House when they come screaming for money in a few months.  They should hold out for a balanced budget and tell Dopey Joe to pound sand.  Now that would be fascinating and invigorating.