Alec Baldwin In the Spot Light

I’m not sure how this manslaughter charge is going to work out but Alec seems to be receiving a large dose of karma.  Well, it’s not like he’s my favorite human being.  And as the movie’s producer he hired an unqualified armorer.  I think that’s probably a good part of the reason he was charged.  But there were unhappy people on the set because of a labor problem.  I wonder if someone did this to get back at them.  Either way Hollywood is chock full of nuts.


H/T to Bigus Macus for the link.

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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
11 days ago


11 days ago
Reply to  Bigus Macus

I always wanted my picture on a magazine!

I’ve been around firearms virtually all my life and the elements of gun safety are as natural as breathing. Anytime anyone hands me a weapon of any description and in any circumstance, I open the action and check things out. Even in a gun store if a sales guy hands me one from the display case. Even then, I’m always top level aware of where it is pointing. Go into a gun store and you wouldn’t find people just waiving gun around, they’d be kicked out immediately.

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11 days ago
Reply to  photog

I get it, Alex’s halo was radiating so brightly that everything in the area spontaneously combusted. That’s the ticket!

10 days ago

You hit it right, Photog. Alec is the producer. He hired the armorer. He is the one who is legally responsible. He’d be in almost as much trouble if someone else had killed someone on “His Movie Set”.
So yes, he should be charged and punished.
Oh, and when the family of the deceased sue, (And you know they will) it will be Baldwin they sue. And they will probably win. And I hope they clean his nasty, hypocritical self out.

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