What’s the Message?

So, what do I think of Joe Biden’s classified document problems?

As the regime scribes breathlessly report the latest daily discovery of classified document caches in Hunter Biden’s far-flung empire of crack and hooker safe houses let us see if we can decode the message being sent.  Aside from the obvious signal to Dopey Joe that 2020 was his last rodeo are they telling all of us something too?

Maybe not intentionally.  But surely, they’re aware that most people no longer think the politicians call the shots in Washington.  We’ve been given a master class in how the administrative state can prevent any politician from enacting any policy they don’t agree with.  And they’ve also demonstrated that they can imprison anyone from a Q-anon shaman to a general to a former president if they decide to.

Then the Deep State should be aware that most people see this exercise of intimidating a president for what it is.  That means that those in charge aren’t afraid to nakedly signal their control over the government of the United States.  They aren’t in any way afraid of the people knowing that they’ve effectively usurped the sovereignty of this country.

To me that’s the message.  When they took Nixon down probably most people believed it was what they said it was.  A coverup by the president of the action of some rogue administration flunkies.  Brave reporters and patriotic FBI agents putting country before their own personal safety and careers, blah, blah, blah.  But we’re not that stupid anymore.  We’ve seen this kabuki theater a bunch of times.  It’s predictable.  And they must know that we know.  To my mind the message is, “Get used to it.”

That means that Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are risking a lot challenging and tweaking the noses of the Deep State and their allies in the Congress.  They already came after Gaetz.  They tried to hang him out to dry on a phony sex crime.  I don’t doubt they’ll try something else again.  Jordan’s subcommittee on weaponizing the Justice Department is waving the red cape at the bull.  I don’t doubt they’ll play some dirty tricks on him.

I read somewhere that one of the rules that Gaetz and company restored was one that allowed the House of Representatives to withhold the funding of any agency based on a majority vote.  If this is true that could be a substantial club that might impress the Deep State.  After all money is a big part of the lure that puts these people in these agencies.  The salaries and benefits are extremely attractive.  Imagine if the Congress got serious about punishing these creeps.  It would take guts but it might be a way to convince them that this isn’t their country.  It’s supposed to be ours.

Yeah, but who am I kidding?  They’d have Jordan and Gaetz in a holding cell so fast it’d make their heads spin.  They’d go after their wives and kids.  They’d have the FBI dig through every document they’d signed since their first library card and they’d link it all to Putin.  And they’d laugh about it in public.  They’re not afraid and they don’t care if we know it.

So, what do I think of Joe Biden’s classified document problems.  I don’t think anything of it at all.

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Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
11 days ago

” That means that those in charge aren’t afraid to nakedly signal their control over the government of the United States.”

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a continuing series on the 4th branch of government that controls DC. This a long, long article from 2021 that I think is the first one of the series. I think I have saved most of them.


10 days ago

The last two elections showed us proles that we were not in charge.
Two drooling morons were elected to high office (Biden, Fetterman).
The message was: “We can put anyone we want into office and there is nothing you can do to stop us. We are in charge. You are serfs. Get used to it.”

Old Vet
Old Vet
10 days ago

This why the mass shootings keep popping up. This is why the 1st Amendment is under attack as well as the dreaded 2nd Amendment. Look at the recent “rulings” by the ATF. They have no legislative power, yet they yield a sword of punishment against patriots that try to exercise their rights of self-defense. It goes on and on, ad infinitum…..

Jim B
Jim B
10 days ago
Reply to  Old Vet

I see that the DNC_LSM is now using the fallacious term “Assault Pistol” … fits the pattern does it not?

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
10 days ago

I believe this is probably what is going to happen look what they did to Trump and General Flynn. Everyone knows nothing is going to change until they miss judge and the whole thing falls down around their ears and it will sooner or later all these mass shootings I believe are a set up to get people to back repealing the second amendment all the BS about AR rifles they are scared of the armed people and know as long as the population are armed they can not really risk doing what they want hence all the mass shootings… Read more »

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