Alec Baldwin In the Spot Light

I’m not sure how this manslaughter charge is going to work out but Alec seems to be receiving a large dose of karma.  Well, it’s not like he’s my favorite human being.  And as the movie’s producer he hired an unqualified armorer.  I think that’s probably a good part of the reason he was charged.  But there were unhappy people on the set because of a labor problem.  I wonder if someone did this to get back at them.  Either way Hollywood is chock full of nuts.


H/T to Bigus Macus for the link.

Howie Carr Wants to Know if the MAGA Hat Victim Will Get the Star Treatment Like Jussie

Up here in New England we had a non-fake hate crime involving a MAGA hat wearing individual.  But up here he was the victim.  You’ve probably heard of the illegal immigrant from Brazil that attacked someone wearing the hat.   Howie Carr is a local reporter who loves this stuff.  He goes into loving detail and asks when will the victim be on Good Morning America like Jussie.  Now ICE is going to deport her.  Does it get better than that?