Howie Carr Gloats at Impotent Rage of Boston Maskers

Howie Carr is one of a very few sane New England journalists.  He loves tweaking the Left in Boston.  I just had to quote from an article he posted mocking the anger and fear expressed by commenters on the Boston Globe over the judge ending air travel masking.

“I’ve had two vaccines, and two boosters, and have already booked my fifth, sixth and seventh shots. Whenever I step outside my mansion in Lincoln, which I haven’t done since February 2020, I wear 17 masks, all N95’s, but now I am terrified that I will be infected by a MAGA supporter in the tourist section of my next flight to Martha’s Vineyard. P.S. When will Trump be tried as a war criminal?”

Now obviously he’s exaggerating what he read in the Globe comments section.  But based on what I know of these people it’s pretty close to reality.

Kudos to Howie.

Howie Carr Hilariously Kicks Marilyn Mosby Whiles She’s Down

With her Massachusetts roots Howie delights in twisting the knife in recently indicted Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to hilarious effect.  Mosby you might remember was the genius who indicted the cops transporting Freddie Gray to jail in 2015 and helped to provoke the BLM violence that flared up in all the major cities and caused the shooting deaths of several policemen.

In the article Carr goes through all the Democrat politicians and prosecutors involved in Mosby’s legal troubles but relishes her decision to blame Donald Trump as the moving force behind her indictment.

“It’s a federal rap, and the U.S. attorney is a Black Democrat, a former Maryland legislator who works for a rabid partisan Democrat named Merrick Garland, who works for Dementia Joe Biden, who is … a Democrat.

But guess who this loyal Democrat is blaming for her alleged sticky fingers?

“Donald Trump called for me to be prosecuted several years ago,” she thundered on Friday, “and I fought back against his administration.”

Huh? Madam, are you saying that the same DOJ that spent years trying to frame POTUS on utterly bogus charges has now indicted you – at the behest of this very same guy the G-men were willing to commit felonies against in order to railroad him into prison?

Is there anything Donald Trump can’t do? Is there any bad act anywhere anytime that cannot be blamed on Orange Man Bad?”

Howie Carr is one of only a handful of normal journalists in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.  I always enjoy Howie’s knife jobs on these crooks.  He despises grifters and outright criminals and Mosby is both.  Bravo Mr. Carr.


Howie Carr breaks Down the AP Stylebook for Both Parties

We all know how the Media describes things about the Left and Right, namely positively and negatively respectively.  Howie is not breaking any new ground here but he adds the right wing “smirk” as the newest crime of the deplorables and apparently it justifies violence.

Howie Carr Wants to Know if the MAGA Hat Victim Will Get the Star Treatment Like Jussie

Up here in New England we had a non-fake hate crime involving a MAGA hat wearing individual.  But up here he was the victim.  You’ve probably heard of the illegal immigrant from Brazil that attacked someone wearing the hat.   Howie Carr is a local reporter who loves this stuff.  He goes into loving detail and asks when will the victim be on Good Morning America like Jussie.  Now ICE is going to deport her.  Does it get better than that?