Texas May be Taking Border Protection into Its Own Hands

Gov. Abbott and the Texas Legislature look ready to do something about the wide open border that Biden has created.

“The state legislature is reportedly finalizing some new laws that would empower state law enforcement to take a much more active and aggressive role in securing the border and ensuring the safety of the Texans living in the affected areas. The plan will potentially include an entirely new police force dedicated to blocking illegal migrants’ access to the Lone Star State.”

And apparently they want to utilize the Texans whose property is being trespassed to help solve the problem.

“Allowing the new law enforcement agency to deputize people living near the border is another interesting twist. More than 45% of Texas households have at least one firearm in them. (Compare that to 19.95% in New York.) That puts the old expression about not messing with Texas in perspective. And many of those gun-owning Texans who have been watching bands of migrants traipsing across their property and menacing their families would likely be eager to sign up for a deputy’s badge. Also, being deputized would likely shield them from some repercussions if they are forced to respond to violent migrants.”

About damn time.

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War Pig
War Pig
6 months ago

Roger that.