So, what’s a Poor Boy to Do? – Coming to Terms with the Real World

I was talking to some friends and the discussion came around to Trump and DeSantis in the 2024 race.  And there was all this noise about Trump and the electability problem with women and how DeSantis was like Trump without the drama and on and on.  I kept quiet and eventually someone asked me what I thought and I said, “I don’t think we’ll be winning anymore presidential elections from here on out.  And everyone got quiet but they kinda nodded their heads and said yeah.  And that was a good moment.  We started talking about other things, local things and things we were doing personally.  And that was better.

Honestly, it’s time to come to terms with where we are.  We live in a country that is easily controlled by a subset of the population that will not be knocked off its perch by any combination of opponents currently present.  And that could change but waiting for that eventuality would be like the Carthaginians waiting for the Visigoths to defeat the Romans for them.  It would eventually happen but that would be five hundred years after Carthage had been sacked.  No, we have to utilize our time usefully.

And what is that?  What makes sense?  First off, prioritize the problems with living in this environment.  Look at the aspects of this government that cause the worst damage.  If you live in a Blue State or City then without a doubt the deleterious effects are all around you.  Economic mismanagement and crony budget boondoggles are high on the list.  Then there are the educational issues; poorly performing teachers and schools along with very dangerous social indoctrination of your children.  And if you happen to live in an urban center or even some suburban areas the breakdown of law and order is absolutely a critical problem that will have to be addressed.

These are all critical issues that have to be addressed.  For the most part it seems to me that the best way to reduce the problems is to move out of a blue state or city and into a red state where the local government isn’t oppressive and where conditions are least damaging.  I think we’re already seeing this play out in a big way.  And it just makes sense.  No one can afford the absurd taxes in places like California and New York.  And no one can afford to risk the education of their children no less their lives in cities like Chicago and New York.

But will moving to a red state be enough?  That’s the million-dollar question.  I think in a few years the Supreme Court will be shifted to the Left and federal policy will mandate the same kind of policies in the red states as we see in the blue.  Our hope is that the red states will successfully resist these attacks.  But what if the Left insists?

I think we try our best to opt out of as much of civil society as we can and form our own institutions; our own schools, churches, businesses and the like.  But if all these attempts are sabotaged then the only three choices left are to fight, hide or to leave.  As far as fighting we can’t match the resources that could be brought to bear against us.  Joe Biden wasn’t kidding about nukes and F-16s.  They’ll happily use them.  Unless a real general comes along who can take up for our side, we won’t stand a chance.  At least not in the near future.

Hiding means pretending to adopt the woke identity but maintain a clandestine existence.  It seems to me that such an existence could be maintained for a short time but eventually living in a woke world would corrupt the children.  So, I don’t see this as a viable option.

No, if the federal government decides to persecute the red states and no Caesar shows up then the only real long-term option for people like us is to leave for a better place.  And it’s not obvious that such a place exists.  It would have to be outside of the influence of the United States.  Everywhere else is already being molded to accept the rainbow coalition and pledge allegiance to the woke agenda.

So, what does that leave?  Russia and China are the obvious holdouts.  Probably areas of Asia like India and Southeast Asia and currently a good chunk of the Muslim world are independent.  Brazil has made some movement to embrace China and Russia.  And that brings up the question which is worse; living in a woke American society or living in the third world?  Now there are some exceptions.  Places like Singapore, Dubai, Japan and Hungary are relatively affluent enclaves outside the direct control of the United States.  But none of these places are clamoring for ex-pat Americans to invade.  Even if you want to move to these places, you will need skills that these places need.

So that’s the bottom line.  Is it better to become a woke bugman or to leave America forever.  We may have a generation before the red states are sufficiently degraded but one day that choice may be upon us.  If the Left wins, we will have to pick one.  Choose carefully.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 months ago

Or we may just decide to fight.

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