Who, Who Will Still Not Wear the Rainbow Jersey?!?!?!

NHL may cancel LGBT ‘Pride’ nights as growing number of players refuse to wear rainbow gear.”

Is it possible that someone will be permitted to not wear the ribbon?  I watched the video clip in this article of the sports reporter raving about how outrageous it would be for someone not to support gay pride by refusing to wear the rainbow jersey.  He looked like he was about to have a stroke.

Of course in Canada they may be able to jail hockey players for not wearing the ribbon.  They have even fewer rights up there than we do.  But maybe, just maybe we have reached maximum pride.  Perhaps the drum beat of adulation for people whose identity is based on being sexually abnormal has crested and now we can start getting back to celebrating functional and normal things, like people raising families where the “gender” of the children isn’t a mystery and a medical problem.

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1 year ago

The problem for the Dims is they don’t know when to stop, anything. Their first big win, in the 60’s, Civil Rights, was passed as “equal rights for everyone”. The nation was fine with that but it has evolved into permanent “affirmative action”, hard quotas, reverse racism and actual persecution of whites. After several decades of gun “safety” laws, it has finally reached the point that we were promised would never be be reached: the current dominant political party proposing outright confiscation. God knows where this “climate change” thing is going to end up. I do believe that this current… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  TomD

The phrase that is most sardonic in our current age is, “God Bless America.” As if a deity could look down at this country and see actions and behaviors worthy of a blessing. Even non-believers should have enough wits to see that our karma levels are a few quarts below the fill line.