Death Trap

In my post yesterday I said I would evaluate how to know whether it’s better to stay in your blue state or move to a red state or even emigrate to another country.  Well, all of that is a big bundle of work that I’ve just begun to work on.  But one thing doesn’t take much calculating is knowing when you’ve reached the point where you have to leave.  And current trends make that determination clear.  With the situation around “transitioning” children to the opposite sex we have reached that point.  The fact that an industry already exists to provide drugs and surgeries to ruin and mutilate children provides unmistakable proof that we’ve reached that threshold where if this outrage isn’t rejected strenuously and decisively by our elected representatives then we are clearly at the point where Americans need to find a place that does not allow such madness to exist.  Even if this place is poor and squalid and has many terrible things going on.  The fact that it defends its children from monsters makes it a better place to live than a rich, modern, cosmopolitan place that doesn’t.

Think about it for a second.  If you live in a place like California, a grade school teacher or a social worker can decide that your child is transgender and then authorize a transition of that child even against your strenuous objections.  And if you stand in the way of this process, they can take your child away from you to do it.  Now how is that any different from Nazi Germany or Maoist China or Stalin’s Soviet Union?  It might even be worse.  At least those places needed sexually intact citizens to provide the next generation to increase the glory of the Motherland or the Fatherland.  And I never heard of a dictator who tried to change the Motherland into the Fatherland or vice versa.

No, we’ve reached the tipping point.  If transgender transitioning of children holds up in our country then you will officially know you live in a doomed civilization and should flee as fast as you can to a place that hasn’t descended into madness and evil.  I often kid about cannibalism being the marker we can look for to show us we’ve hit bottom.  Well, cannibalism is enlightened compared to this.  That is, assuming they’re not cannibalizing their kids.  Adults, especially, women are supposed to be empathetic about their kids.  In the past there were stories of parents laying down their lives to save children, even other people’s kids.  It’s supposed to be bred into us to favor the small helpless hope of the future that we work so hard for and spend the best years of our lives raising.  If parents allow this madness to swallow up their children it’s proof that our civilization has lost the will to live.

The idea that we would allow the unspeakable harm that they euphemistically call “gender affirming treatment” to be committed against innocent children is beyond criminal.  It’s a crime against humanity.  It’s a blasphemy against everything we hold precious.  It’s monstrous.

So, pay attention to what’s going on.  Yesterday Joe Biden said that transgender Americans shape the soul of America.  This issue should be the rallying cry for every normal person running for office.  They should run on this issue alone.  They should call out anyone, Democrat or Republican who defends this horrific practice against children.  It should be banged like a drum, day and night.  This should be the rallying cry.

And if we lose this one don’t worry about figuring out whether you should stay in this country.  The answer will be to escape as fast as you can from this death trap.

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Rick Aka Charlemagne.
Rick Aka Charlemagne.
5 months ago

The question is where does one run to?

5 months ago

I can definitely recommend the US Gulf coast as being a relative island of sociological stability. Not necessarily the only one but definitely one.