I’m Not from Missouri But, My New Motto is “Show Me”

I get e-mails, letters and postcards asking for donations, memberships and other forms of support.  Some of these are from annoying corporations like AARP and various energy companies that claim they can make my life better by offering me fabulous benefits and savings.  And I can’t blame these people for sending this crap to me.  Caveat emptor and all that.  Consumers in this country just ignore all that jazz.  Honestly, I need an industrial grade shredder for all this stuff.

But then there are the political candidates from all over the country who are running for office or already are in office but want me to help them “make a difference.”  Well, they’re barking up the wrong tree.  Appeals to my desire for change are too late.  They all had their chance.  They’ve had decades to fix these things.  For fifty years I’ve watched them struggle and stumble and been treated as a punching bag by the Left.  Well, that’s enough.  If they’re too stupid or too lazy to beat out the bad guys then they don’t deserve any money or help from me.

So now the currency of the hour is success.  Results; checks in the win column; scalps on the wall.  That’s the coin of the realm.  So, Ron DeSantis is a winner.  Donald Trump is a winner.  The Supreme Court is a winner.  Tucker Carlson is a winner.  Elon Musk is a winner, sort of.  Each of them has done something that pushed back against the Left and produced results.  Measurable, identifiable and applaudable results.

And you know who else has a win?  All those beer drinkers who are boycotting Anheuser Busch.  That’s a win.  Donald Trump Jr. saying don’t boycott Anheuser Busch because they’re our friends?  Well, that’s a losing message.  Sure maybe it’s too late to change the Left’s control over corporate America.  But it certainly can’t hurt to punish the most egregious traitors.  It’s like primarying Liz Cheney.  It’s just a gesture but it’s a very satisfying gesture and it feels good to hit back at these people.  Make them pay for humiliating us and profiting from their betrayal of us at every single turn.

Results, results, results.  If you want our money, if you want our support, if you want our trust, show us results.  Accomplish something!

And they’ve got the easiest victory laid out in front of them.  Trans-gendering children is an abomination that is just crying out for politicians to get out in front of the movement to ban it.  DeSantis to his credit is already doing something about it.  The schools that groom kids into believing in these things are the obvious targets to attack.  And the pharmaceutical companies and the medical centers that enable these procedures and the AMA that certifies these things safe and effective all should be attacked and punished legally for the harm they are doing.

But until something is actually done it’s just a wasted opportunity.  It proves that no one out there really wants to do anything to help us.  They just want our money because they say they will make something happen if we send it.

Well, no.  Show me that you can do more than parrot some words.  Show me that you’re smart and brave.  Show me the win!  Until then, save the postage.  I’m not buying it.