The Last Page

I was watching a news clip from ABC News (H/T to the Conservative Treehouse) where that Clinton White House weasel George Stephanopoulos is asking his fellow Democrat sycophants what they made of Donald Trump’s continued dominance in the Republican primary despite four separate criminal indictments.  And frankly they were scared.  The last opinion came from Donna Brazile and she stated that Donald Trump’s hold on his partisans reminded her of the “movements” that followed Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  And she said, “and anyone who thinks that you can apply the old political rules to try to defeat this candidate based on he’s scary, he’s ugly, whatever you might want to call him, this is a movement. And we have to respect the fact that it’s a movement.”

And I thought to myself, “If someone as stupid and as partisan as Donna Brazile recognizes and admits that Donald Trump is the leader of a huge grassroots movement then it’s obvious that this isn’t business as usual in Washington.  Things are extremely bad there and they are even starting to admit it.  They long ago threw away the rule book and now they just do whatever they can think of to try to put the genie back in the bottle.  Voter fraud, wag the dog wars, biological warfare, printing trillions of dollars to bribe the populace, you name it.  Now they’re using kangaroo courts to jail their political enemies.  But all this has had the unfortunate result of waking up a large chunk of the populace.  And so, the genie can’t go back in the bottle.

But what’s next?

Well, that’s the most beautiful part.  Because the absolute unalloyed truth is that nobody knows the answer to that question.  Nobody.  Not the Deep State or the oligarchs or the CIA or the FBI or Barack Obama or even Donald Trump.  And certainly not Joe Biden.  He barely knows which way the bathroom is.  No one has read the last page of this story.

Nobody knows how all of this will end.  We’re so far out in left field that even the impossible is possible.  Imagine the craziest scenario for where we end up in five years and it could come true.  Anything from a return to 1950s America to an Orwellian nightmare to anything in between is almost equally likely.

So, when the pundits bloviate about how the new world order will be such and such and such, just relax.  They’re making it up.  They have no idea.  They’re like the Second Foundationers in the Asimov story who have figured out the future using their advanced science.  But then the Mule comes along (read Trump here) and the plan blows up.  History always has to reckon with the great man.  If the right man shows up at the right time, he can sweep away the best laid plans and reset the game.

Sure, the powers that be have led us by the noses for generations.  But they got too greedy or they’re stupider than their predecessors or they went to the same well once too often.  And now the rubes are wise to the grift.

Will it turn out well for us?  As I said, it’s impossible to say.  History would tend to say no.  These situations usually lead to tyranny.  But the future is not predetermined.  Random events and factors can set us on a different path.

So, as I said, relax.  Let the game play out and pay attention to who is lying to you and who is telling the truth.  The liars are the enemy.  And the other guys just might be the future.

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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
2 months ago

I agree with you on this, But I want the democrats to be scared, I liked the fact that Donna Brazile realized that they can’t count on young Blacks and Latino’s votes.

I want someone to hold them accountable. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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