The Trump Apprentice 2024

I didn’t watch the debate the other night.  And probably very few people did.  It’s not like there is any big payback for watching that stuff.  I did watch NBC’s “five biggest moments.”  Well, I don’t know how they define big.  I watched Chris Christie’s “Donald Duck” zinger.  I guess that was the “cleverest” line.  I have worked out my candidate hierarchy.  Starting from the most annoying and working down I’d say:

  • Nikki Haley
  • Mike Pence
  • Chris Christie
  • Tim Scott
  • Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Ron DeSantis

I left out the governor from the Dakotas because I didn’t see him show up in the clips and I’m not 100% convinced that he actually exists in real life.  He may be a deep fake manufactured to bring the debate number up to Lucky Seven.

I like Ron DeSantis because he has done some very positive things in Florida.  That said, these “debates” are an embarrassment for all involved.  I understand that what is going on is the process of choosing who will be the candidate if Donald Trump is successfully kept off the ballot by the Uniparty.  But that process is a stain on everyone involved.

But I’ve figured out a legitimate way to select an alternative to Trump if the puppet masters figure out a way to keep him from running.

Let Donald Trump choose his own successor.

He should do it now.  In fact, it could be done as an entertainment product; “The Apprentice – 2024 VP Sweepstakes.”  Elon Musk could stream it on X and anyone who wants to watch it could pay two bucks a show and there would be ways for viewers to vote on different aspects of the show and donate money to Trump’s legal defense fund and maybe even a tie-in where a viewer gets to be on the finale where all but one of the contestants get fired.

So, I sound a little tongue in cheek here but I truly believe that Trump should select his running mate/successor early on.  That way if the bugmen keep him off the ballot at least we’ll be voting for the next best choice and hopefully someone who Trump trusts not to sell us out.

Now this would probably be a more difficult choice than Trump faced in 2016.  Mike Pence was probably a strategic selection.  He had social conservative cred and that filled in some of the gaps from Trump’s more cosmopolitan background.  But now he’s faced with choosing someone who can try to save the country from the oligarchs that are already as angry as a nest full of hornets that’s been knocked out of a tree.

And maybe the one he picks wasn’t even on last night’s stage.  Except for DeSantis the rest of them aren’t even close to being qualified to save this country.  And last I looked Trump and DeSantis hate each other’s guts.  Not that that is a disqualifying situation.  Plenty of very effective partnerships were between men who hated each other.

Hopefully he’s already given very serious consideration to this selection.  Trump’s freedom may depend on selecting someone honest enough to pardon him once the dust settles.

But that’s it.  Trump should select his running mate/successor before the primaries start.  And that successor will have to be on the primary ballots too just in case Trump gets knocked off.  Otherwise, one of the establishment candidates would end up as the candidate.

What a strange and depressing political situation we’ve ended up in.  The most popular candidate is despised and conspired against by his own political party and both parties collude to deny the will of the majority of Americans on all the most important governance topics, like immigration, energy and the economy.  So if the powers that be have their way and Donald Trump is kept off the ballot then let him pick his successor.  In the diseased state of “our democracy” that will be as close as we’ll get to the will of the people in that circumstance.

Boy, I’d love to see Trump tell Chris Christie, “You’re fired!”

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Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
1 month ago

I favor Kristi Noem from SD for a VP pick.

Bigus Macus
Bigus Macus
1 month ago

Once a upon a time in the last century, Chris Christie was interesting. Now he’s just a joke. As was said in a star trek NG. Christie is “Ugly. Ugly. Giant. Bags of mostly water.”

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