New Year’s Day 2021 Ruminations

So, I’ve read all the New Year’s predictions, resolutions, discussions, whatevers.  Basically, nobody knows much of anything.  We’re in uncharted territory and everybody is guessing based on insufficient data.  Well, nothing new there.  Just more so.

The rain we got last week erased the snow so Camera Girl and I were virtuous today and went for a long walk in the woods this morning just to start the year off right and that gave us a chance to talk.  And I think we both feel that the COVID inoculation will at least reduce the lockdown nonsense at least somewhat.  Maybe we’re kidding ourselves but that is what we are talking ourselves into at this point.  And I’m guessing that most people are also at the point where they are going to be unwilling to let this lockdown nonsense go on much longer.  Maybe I’m giving Americans more credit for having backbone than they deserve.  But we’ll see.

Going into the New Year I think everyone wants to know how and where the rebellion begins.  Or even if.  Because let’s face it, it’s possible nothing happens.

What shape will action take?  I assume it will be a leader deciding to step forward and begin organizing a movement that changes things.  That begins to oppose the actions and ideas from the Left in a demonstrable way.  Not just talk, results.  To my mind that will look like a governor and legislature of a red state announcing a law that rolls back some unconstitutional action of the federal courts or the federal bureaucracy that penalizes the citizens of that state.  Maybe they nullify some of the actions of the federal government that curtail civil liberties.  Maybe they look at any actions of the bureaucracy that overstep the powers that the federal government is given in the Constitution.  For instance, recently vernal pools have been declared navigable waters as an excuse for allowing the federal government authority over how private citizens treat their own property.  Such outrageous overstepping of their authority has become common.  A state championing the rights of private citizens being attacked in such ways would protect those citizens from having to take on the gargantuan power of the federal government alone.  It would also be wildly popular with the common people and would guarantee enormous electoral success for the politicians smart enough to do it.

Or maybe it will be a business leader who decides to break ranks from the corporate monolith and starts to court the favor of the normal people on the Right.  Maybe a tech company decides to become the new PayPal but makes a point of saying that it believes that “all lives matter.”  Or it publicizes the fact that it donates a portion of its profits to a traditional religious charity, one that pointedly adheres to biblical beliefs about traditional male and female family roles.

Or maybe it will be some private individual who stands up to the mob.  Maybe it has already happened.  Maybe it was Kyle Rittenhouse.  His trial will be coming up.  Maybe he will be the spark that wakes up the sleeping giant in this land.

Or maybe nothing happens.

So that’s what I’ve been pondering today.  The new year begins and no one really knows what will occur.  I’m an optimist.  I think we shall see a leader step forward and try to channel the anger and dissatisfaction with the current situation and build it into something permanent.  And I know that’s what we really need.

Here’s hoping that is the way it goes.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

I was trying to think of some clever resolutions associated with the election but it all just sounded like rants and raves.  I guess I’m pretty much finished shaking my fist at the zombies running on the grass.  Let’s face it, unless some pretty high-powered people decide to throw their weight around, the Uniparty is going to get away with stealing the election.  But either way I don’t get to have a say about it at all.

So instead, I’m going to think about things that I can do that are meaningful and possible.

I resolve to support my children and grandchildren in every way I can.

I resolve to teach my grandkids all the useful things I know and tell them the truth about the world.  I’ll start by giving them some pointers on how to research whatever projects they think they want to accomplish.  I’ll also tell them what things I have found to be useless in order to save them some time.  I’ll give them the “so you think you want to be an engineer” speech.  And I’ll start the conversation rolling on how to attract and identify an acceptable wife.  I may recruit Camera Girl’s help in this.  After all she is a girl.

I resolve to get into the best shape I can.  Healthcare is expensive and the quality of it is decreasing rapidly.  The best way to cure health problems is to avoid them.  So, dropping some weight and adding some cardio to the weights is a good idea.  I’m buying a high-end rowing machine and when the snow makes it impossible to go walking in the woods Camera Girl and I will be pretending to row a boat through a window and across the landscape or something.  I was thinking of finding the soundtrack to Ben Hur and making a loop out of the galley slave portion of the movie.  I’ll call my workout “ramming speed.”

I resolve to get to know my neighbors at least to the point of inviting them to a cookout.  I’m sure half of them are not my political allies but at least knowing something about the people who live around you is worthwhile.  Who knows, some of them might be on our team.

I resolve to start doing some of my own home repairs.  Winters where I live are very tough on external wood surfaces of which I have an enormous area.  If I start doing some of the carpentry repairs, I can save a lot of money and money is hard to come by in the horror show that is post-America.

I resolve to investigate the local (town) Republican party club.  Who knows, maybe one of them isn’t a JEB! voter.

I resolve to finish my first science fiction novel.

I resolve to put together a usable handbook of practical rules of thumb and lists of information for people on the right to avoid the petty annoyances and more serious problems associated with living in post-America.

I resolve to increase my web traffic to 1 billion pageviews a day (more or less) and become the source for right-wing punditry.  Well, you have to dream a little bit, don’t you?

So that’s what I’ve thought of so far.  All (most) of them are easily doable and all of them will make my life better and help people I like.  Notice none of it hinges on anything to do with the 2020 election.  I will admit that the COVID nonsense will delay some of these things but eventually we will escape most of the restrictions the psychos have burdened us with.

So Happy New Year’s and here’s hoping 2021 will be a hell of a lot better than 2020.

Feel free to leave your resolutions in the comments.