08JUL2021 – OCF Update

All the stuff about Tucker Carlson has got me sort of bummed out.  Sure, I knew they did all this stuff.  But they’re not even trying to pretend they’re not doing it.  Hell, they’re bragging about it.  They want to us to know they don’t even care if we tell the world.  Basically, they’re taking a victory lap.  All the stuff they did in the Russiagate operation they are now doing openly.  Not a single one of them suffered any consequences for the treason they committed and they can now do it completely openly because they own the Justice Department, the Presidency and the Courts.

Intellectually I knew all of that already.  I guess viscerally it’s hitting home.  This is East Germany, this is North Korea, this is Saddam’s Iraq.  Elections will be 100% assured, the security agencies will arrest the right people and more importantly will not arrest the left people, the people in charge will live very comfortable lives, everyone else will shut up and take what they are given.

I guess the part of it that’s so depressing is how docile the millennials are.  They’ve been bought off.  They’ll take their guaranteed income and live in their basement apartment with their three roommates and slowly shrink to nothing, evaporate or sublimate as if they never existed.  Not with a bang but with a whimper.

Well, anyway, the power’s been off for about ten hours.  The thunderstorm must have taken down a powerline or zapped a substation.  Probably the former.  The generator is humming along.  The guy who installed it and the transfer switch is sort of a crazy guy but he knew his business.  It runs on propane and is relatively quiet, a little quitter than my lawn mower.  It’s a quiet day here and I already cut the lawn before all these thunderstorms dumped about four inches of rain on us recently.  It cooled off today.  It went from ninety to seventy and that’ll give me a chance to get some outdoor stuff done without getting fried.  I took a few pictures this morning.  The deer have eaten most of the daylily buds but with a little luck I’ll get a few to shoot.  The blueberry bushes are very full of fruit.  Maybe I’ll get a few pints of them.

Camera Girl will soon provide me with my list of chores for the upcoming parties.  And that’s okay.  I like playing the host.  The summer is going well.  I’ll try to enjoy all the things that there are to do.  Even in Stalinist Russia people still tried to enjoy life right up until the KGB knocked down your door and dragged you off to the interrogation cell.

Which is worse, living as an outcast, a third-class citizen in your own country or being a stranger in a strange land?  I guess that’s the choice I’m struggling with.  In a way it feels like I’m already living in a foreign land.  All of the customs and familiar parts of life are being torn down and reviled.  The people in charge are strange creepy weirdos and criminals.  Could it be any worse in Argentina or Singapore or Hungary?  I wonder.

Post Update – 2pm and the power’s back on at the street.  Maybe that’ll lighten my mood.