Identity Politics and the Future of America

Hat tip to Vox Day for a link to a well written article by a black conservative on why black people vote Democrat.  Here’s his link.  And here’s the article.

The author Lipton Matthews persuasively explains why it is very unlikely that Republicans will ever be able to separate black voters from the Democrat party.  Basically voting for them is a group strategy that provides rewards in an overall way.  This is despite the obvious failings or even awfulness of a Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton that even the black voters see.

This is important for white Americans to understand. In the presence of interest groups negotiating for their preferences you must do the same. Appealing to these interest groups in the old way as fellow members of a nation is no longer possible or even desirable.  They do not act in that way.  They do not believe in it.  You should not believe in it.  Instead we need to discover who we can and cannot cooperate with.  Whose interests mostly match up with our own and whose interests are to a greater extent opposed to our own.  A good example would be a place like Singapore.  It is a multi-cultural society that historically has found its ethnicities in violent antagonism toward each other.  In order to thrive it has been necessary to carefully define what behaviors are allowable.  Freedom exists but is also circumscribed by what actions would lead to chaos.

Our country and its freedoms were instituted with the idea that there would not exist differing populations in conflict with each other.  These freedoms cannot exist when powerful groups are gaming the system to discredit it.  Conflict and intimidation is what is being foisted on us.  Criminal behavior is being selectively allowed and the policing of criminal behavior is being attacked and criminalized.  Really the only question is whether an organized resistance will coalesce and provide relief from the attacks.

As the only group currently unrepresented by a political entity it has fallen to the Republican party to serve that purpose for white voters.  But in the future a different organization will emerge.  And this organization does not need to be exclusively white in its membership.  But those who join must need to see their interests as aligned with the interests of the white population of America.  Call it Traditional America.  Call it whatever you want.  But it is the group of people who don’t want to see George Floyd held up as a role model or saint.  It is the group that knows that putting ten year old children on puberty blockers and castrating them or removing their breasts is child abuse and madness.  I’m sure there are reasonable people of every race and ethnicity who would sign up for the platform that used to be called conservatism.  But what is important is that conservatives realize that in the present environment all of those things have disappeared and won’t come back if we keep playing the game under the old rules.

What Should We Call the Democrat Party?

The old joke is that the Democrats are the Evil Party and the Republicans are the Stupid Party.  Well, thank goodness we can continue to depend on the Republicans to be the stupid party but now we can be much more specific about the kind of evil the Democrats represent.  Some will now go with the Woke Party to describe them but that’s too polite.  My first guess would be to call them the Anti-White Party.  Some people might be outraged by the title.  After all, there are millions of white voters in the Democrat Party.  And that is clearly true although not as many as formerly.  But regardless of the color of the Democrat voters their party has clearly and vocally espoused as one of its party platforms that white people are evil.

All that is needed to prove this statement is to read the press releases by Democrat lawmakers and by looking at the policy stances that both the executive branch of the federal government and its allies in industry, media and education adopt.  Unanimously they all agree that white people are guilty of bigotry, hate-crimes and hate speech.  And they all advocate that reparations must be extracted from them to even the score.  These reparations include but are not limited to monetary transfers from the white population to the black population.  They include elimination of any cultural or historical entities that make black people or their surrogates in the “woke” community unhappy, like Dr. Seuss or George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.  They include reverse discrimination through accelerated affirmative action in all arenas that government can interfere, such as education, health care, government jobs, the military and much more.  They include judicial bias in only one direction whenever an incident occurs involving black people.  If they commit a crime they are excused.  If a white person gets into a dispute with blacks he is automatically at fault and will be prosecuted to whatever extent the prosecutor and judge can manage to extend it to.  These reparations also extend to re-education programming for adults and propaganda in the curriculum of white children.  This has been going on at a low level for decades but now it will be amplified to a level that is truly despicable.

Of course, places like New York and California have moved these programs along first but Joe Biden’s administration has brought in the Justice Department, the Department of Defense and the Department of Education into the action with a show of strength that leaves no question as to the level of viciousness that they will employ.  The FBI is currently hunting down white people who dared protest in the capitol on January 6th.  And Biden is pushing to have the legislature create a basis to redistribute the wealth of this country as “reparations.”    After that seizure of savings will probably next.

So, what is the correct name for the Democrats?  If we are trying to be subtle, we could call it the Anti-America Party.  People already call it the Globalist Party but that is equally apt for the establishment Republicans too.  I think the Most honest and accurate name for the Democrat Party is the Anti-White Party.  And congratulations to them for earning the name.  Hopefully more white people will recognize the reality soon.