Silly Season 2021 – Toobin Strikes Back!

Just when you thought it was safe to watch CNN again, he returns.

Jeffreywhy is everybody looking at me like that?Toobin has returned to provide legal insight to the viewers at CNN.  But the female viewers will always be a little nervous from now on.  And in any remote interview everyone will be thinking, “Is he wearing pants and where are his hands?”  And when he’s in studio will we ever see a woman (or anyone) shaking his hand ever again?

We live in the age of miracles and wonder and seeing Jeffrey “tube lubin” Toobin return from the wilderness proves that there is nothing so awful and pathetic that a true progressive won’t come back from it saying “What?  What?”  Even Bill Clinton must take off his hat or pants to Toobin.

I agree with the statement of one of the commenters on this bizarre resurrection, “This man must’ve had some dirt on somebody with power ’cause this is just beyond.”

But my favorite comment was ” At least @CNN is honest now about having no journalistic standards whatsoever. Such honesty must be freeing!”

Surely the LGBTQ movement must have a letter for Toobin.  Maybe W for wanker.  Obviously the normal people don’t want him but during sodomy pride month there must be a special place for someone like Jeffrey who may have pride but definitively has no shame.