Something’s Happening Here.  What It is Ain’t Exactly Clear

Kenosha has added a new dimension to the Antifa/BLM campaign.  For the first time force is being introduced against the rioters.  A 17-year-old kid with a rifle seems to have juxtaposed himself between the rioters and Kenosha and the result is two rioters dead and another one with a big chunk of his arm blown off.  The question is where will it go from here?  In a sensible time, Wisconsin’s governor would declare a state of emergency and shut down the riots.  That would allow him to arrest anyone who wanted to keep this thing going.  I read that he is doubling the National Guard presence to 250.  Since the number of protesters is in the thousands this is another way of saying he won’t be stopping the riots.  So, the potential for more anti-riot resistance is possible.

I think there are three types of resistance.  One is where local people arm themselves and defend their property at the end of a gun barrel.  This has limited effect because the rioters will just move along to the next property where the owner doesn’t have armed friends.  This type of resistance is already happening.

The other type is what this kid did.  A group forms with the objective to protect a neighborhood.  They’ll attempt to patrol an area and interfere with rioting by stepping between the rioters and their victims.  This could be effective but if the state sides with Antifa and BLM you could end up in prison for life.

The third type are guerilla warriors who take up sniping positions and use terror to frighten off Antifa.  If you look at the Antifa types they aren’t exactly Rambo.  I imagine that it wouldn’t take many sniper victims before the rioters gave up on their nocturnal fun and games.  This option is very unlikely because it is a purely ideological decision that also requires a very uncommon skill set.  I would say really the only effective choice is a neighborhood patrol by men who are committed to saving their homes and livelihoods by any means possible.  That has happened in Idaho once already during these riots but that is a rather special case.

Is Kenosha the place where a backlash happens?  Hard to say.  Wisconsin is purple and that doesn’t bode well for anyone who has to stand trial there.  But there may be some people who have finally reached the point where they’ve stopped caring and just want to make the madness end.  We should know soon enough.  By tonight it will be time for Antifa to begin trying to burn out the next neighborhood businesses in line.  If another rioter ends up with a bullet between the eyes then we’ll know that another option exists to waiting for police that never show up.

But all this still leaves the question in November is America going to vote for or against the rioters.  Wisconsin is another battleground state.  It would seem to me that seeing their neighbors in Kenosha burned out of their homes and businesses would provide them with an object lesson as to what voting Democrat does for your safety and security.