An Example of Someone Who’s Actually Doing Something That Works

Moms for Liberty was started back in 2021 when the battles over masking kids in school were going on in Florida.  They went on to champion parents rights to keep things out of the curriculum like critical race theory, trans ideology and LGBTQ grooming efforts.

And the proof that they’re effective is who is attacking them:

“But the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the organization as an extremist group over accusations of harassing community members, advancing misinformation about LGBTQ people and fighting to remove materials about diversity from classrooms.”

If the SPLC is calling you an extremist group then you must be doing something right.  In the linked article we hear how in state after state Moms for Liberty is getting involved at the local school board level and initiating change for the better.

Trump, DeSantis and Haley are quoted praising the group.  And the tenor of this hit piece is that parent’s rights is a powerful issue in the upcoming 2024 elections.  But then strangely toward the end of the article “expert opinion is invoked how maybe it’s really more of a local issue and might not have much effect at the national level.  I think USA Today doth protest too much.  In my opinion parents rights is an enormous winning issue and a cudgel to beat down people like Joe Biden.  His endless showcasing of trans-freaks in his administration and elsewhere is a glaring Achilles heel just waiting to be stabbed.  “Gender affirming care” for children is the place to attack the Left.  It is so criminally harmful that exposing the details to public scrutiny can’t help but destroy anyone who tries to defend it.

So here’s the point.  When you look at the specific abuses being done at the local level by the Left and you fight it at that local level it has benefits both locally and globally.  The hard work of recruiting people locally and showing up for meetings and advocating for people’s rights isn’t glamorous or lucrative.  But it benefits ordinary people directly and they can see that it has value.  It also produces grassroots results and resonates with mothers in a way that reinforces conservative values.  It’s a win/win.

So, in my book, concentrating on efforts that produce actual change at the local level is where we should be.  And these local people will be the source for candidates at the next levels up; state reps and senators.  Ten years from now, God willing, these people could be congressmen and senators.  And that’s how it works.  Otherwise we just get Jeb! an Nikki Haley.

In the meantime, maybe a Trump or a DeSantis might get the ball rolling.  But so far, even when we had a good guy in the White House, there’s always a Paul Ryan and a Mitch McConnell there to make sure nothing useful gets done.

Well, small steps.  There!  I put up a post that wasn’t doom and gloom even in the face of the crap-tastic spectacle that is “Election 2024.”  Maybe there is a sliver of hope for the world.

Holding Onto What’s Real

Imagine allowing yourself to be talked into letting your children be neutered.  How exactly does any parent do that?  I get angry just thinking about somebody else doing it.  Exactly how insane do you have to be and how exactly do you get there?

Obviously, it’s a long path that involves allowing your children to be proselytized by the culture and the institutions that we surround them with.  Teachers and administrators are the primary culprits.  But let’s not forget public television, social media outlets and Hollywood’s contributions.

It’s not my intent to try and convince anyone stupid or crazy enough to believe in these things otherwise.  What I think is better is making the practice of neutering children a felony.  I’d say it should be somewhere between murder and aggravated assault.  No, I take that back.  I’d make it a capitol offense.  It’s the most heinous crime imaginable.  It’s not only a crime against the victim, it’s also a crime against the ancestors of those children going back to the dawn of time.  And I would extend the criminality to anyone who even promulgates the idea of transgenderism to children.  For those people I’d recommend twenty lashes with the cat o’ nine tails for the first offense and then up the ante from there.  And I’m only being slightly facetious.  These people who advocate these things are a cancer.

Look, we can’t afford to lose any more of our humanity than we already have.  Men have been cajoled and browbeaten about being men.  We have to speak softly and mince words for fear that we’re mansplaining.  We’re not allowed to notice a woman wearing a plunging neckline or pants so tight they might actually be painted on.  Women have to pretend they’re men.  They are told that if they’re not as good at something as men are like sports or aren’t as interested in something like computer programming then it’s discrimination at work.  They’re lied to and told that they can wait until their forties and then have all the kids they want when the truth is they’ll be lucky to even have one.

Being a man or woman is one of the miracles of life.  And to have a chance to bond with a human being completely different from and complimentary to you is a remarkable experience.  And then to make that the basis for keeping life on this planet going is brilliant.  Anyone who has successfully raised a family knows that it is the most painful, frustrating and ultimately the most worthwhile thing you will ever accomplish.

If and when we have the presidency and the Congress back in Republican control, I think one of the highest priorities should be to make a national law to criminalize the neutering of children.  I don’t see any serious obstacle to getting it passed.  Except in the Northeast and the West Coast all the other states will have a majority of citizens who are horrified by the idea of these mutilations being committed against children.  And guaranteed if someone votes against it in one of those states, he will be tossed out in the next election cycle.

And I think this needs to be part of a larger effort to expand parents’ rights.  Schools need to be held accountable for infringing on parents’ rights to raise their kids their own way.  Sex education and “critical race theory” should never be forced onto children whose parents object.  Once again these are common sense laws that will be wildly popular in most places.

Part of the problem with the way we live is that experts have started telling us how to live.  Worse, they’re telling the people in charge how to make us live these ways.  It’s time we start making some decisions on our own.  We have to find new leaders.  Our lives are short and the things that make them worthwhile can’t be curtailed without rendering them meaningless.  We want to enjoy the simple things, like food, simple comfort and the joy of living in a family of a man and a woman raising their kids.  That’s what we want.

The Enemy of My Enemy Can Be My Ally, Even if Just for Today

What do White evangelicals, Hispanics and Muslims have in common?  Your first instinct would be to say nothing.  But according to the Left, all of them are complaining about the public schools trying to groom their kids for sexual deviancy.  Apparently in Dearborn Michigan these three groups have been able to agree that the local school shouldn’t be foisting LGBTQ talking points on their children through the school library.

In the breathless narrative of a New Republic expose we read that this unlikely alliance of the Right along with groups that were formerly thought to be owned by the Left is laying siege to the local school board and demanding that deviant sexual propaganda be removed from the school library.  And being a leftist rag, the author presents this as an atrocity that should rally the Left to work even harder to bully parents to submit to the deviant faith.

This was the concluding paragraph:

The developments in Dearborn are a sign that the madness is spreading to new constituencies whom Democrats have long considered allies. Predicated on “protecting our kids” from the “scourge” of sexual progressivism, the anti-democratic right is forming a powerful religious alliance against secular liberalism. Those who believe in eternal torture for heathens are joining forces to establish hell on earth for LGBTQ people, public officials, and anyone who cares about American democracy.

Apparently, the wake-up call to parents when they saw during COVID what their children were being “taught” has been heeded by many and not just traditional people on the Right.  Religious people, even minorities who have traditionally clung to the Democrat party are slowly waking up to the reality of what their “ally” plans for their children.  Finally.

And if the Left is shrieking that means what is happening is effective.  Waking parents up has been an unexpected bright spot in all the havoc that we’ve lived through in the last few years.  Even leftists have been “scared straight” by what they found in their kids’ curriculum.  If the Stupid Party can wake up and latch onto this thing and legislate a real parents’ bill of rights, I think a lot of Democrat politicians will find it difficult to oppose it.  We might even get a veto-proof majority to enact something significant.  But let’s not get too far ahead of our skis here.

The moral of the story is that when it comes to different religious and ethnic constituencies you don’t have to be close friends to cooperate on tackling a threat from the anti-religious, anti-family progressive forces that have infiltrated the government and more specifically the schools.  You can cooperate on a project and get things done.  Later on, you can go back to hating on each other if that’s the only way things work between you.

Maybe that’s the model for the future.  Cooperate where it makes sense and otherwise circle warily around all the other groups that are trapped with us in this gulag our elites have built for us.