Mitt Romney is the New John McCain

I lived in Massachusetts while Romney was governor.  He was useless.  This knife in Trump’s back is completely in character for Willard Mitt Romney.  I remember when he challenged Ted Kennedy for his senate seat.  Romney, a supposedly sincere Mormon twisted himself into a pretzel explaining how abortion wouldn’t raise any moral problems if he had to vote for it.  And as Governor he would take all the abuse from the Democrats and the Press with nary a peep.  He’s the only Republican I’ve ever seen that can make the Bushes seem macho by comparison.

I guess we can depend on Romney to be the new spoiler in the Republican senate delegation.  But boy will he get praise from the media.  I wonder if they remember his binders full of women?


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Tyler, The Portly Politico

He’s just like his dad, George Romney. I plan to write something about that similarity on the later this week. I’ve been reading Pat Buchanan’s book about Nixon’s political comeback (_The Greatest Comeback_) in the 1960s, and everything you’ve written about Mitt applies doubly to George–pretzel logic, flip-flopping, etc.


[…] and describes Romney as “useless.”  I highly recommend you check out his piece “Mitt Romney is the New John McCain” for some excellent, succinct analysis regarding Romney’s penchant for flip-floppery.  […]