CBS Advocates for Political Violence

Several sites have picked up on a trailer that CBS put out for their show, “The Good Fight.”

The plot of the episode is Democrat and Republican poll watchers confront “neo-nazis” at an election site and a riot ensues.  In the video clip above, one of the actors in the show says that seeing white nationalist Richard Spencer getting sucker punched convinced him that the correct response to political speech that offends him is physical assault.

This is an interesting decision by CBS.  They have now openly advocated for political violence where free speech laws prevent any restraint against statements that they disapprove.  This might be a legally dangerous stance to take by a company that requires a government license to exist on the broadcast systems.

I could imagine a complaint being lodged by someone to the FCC bringing into question their fitness as broadcasters.  Granted the show in question is not on the broadcast channel.  It is some kind of streaming option called CBS All Access but that is probably not a barrier against the general public complaining about a CBS property that steps beyond the bounds of responsible political opinion into the realm of political violence against Americans.

I guess it remains to be seen if this escalation is part of any larger pattern where the radical left begins using violence as their main enforcement tool against their enemies.  After all, it’s one thing for TV actors to go on a nazi-bashing spree on the small screen.  It’s a little more tricky for Antifa to get away with it anywhere except the confines of the blue state confederation.  And how many actual nazis are there in LA, NYC and D.C.?  It’s got to be a pretty limited population in those locales.

The folks on the dissident right see this as confirmation that the future will be an increasingly polarized country that eventually will divide into two or more components.  Well, I’ll say it does show that the Left isn’t afraid to legitimize violence against those it sees as its enemies.  Whether that equates into a civil war is a slightly different question.

But apocalyptic conclusions aside, it is clear that CBS would like to be able to paint the people they don’t like as neo-nazis.  So if you wear a MAGA hat you’re a racist and don’t deserve First Amendment protection or even protection from assault in public.  This way of looking at things doesn’t seem to be the way these things are actually happening in the real world, even in the blue state version of the real world.  Recently a man in Massachusetts was accosted by (of all things) an illegal alien who objected to his MAGA hat.  Interestingly, even in that deep blue state, she was arrested and in fact deported.  That’s not to say that there won’t be abuses in blue states and even excursions of leftist violence elsewhere.  But it’s just not something that seems inevitable.  From my point of view what’s at the heart of this is worry on the Left that President Trump and his policies are becoming increasingly popular and his re-election is becoming increasingly real in their minds.  They want to have something to blame him for and manufacturing violence seems like a good thing to start with.  That would explain the Jussie Smollett hoax and some of the other incidences.  They really need nazis and will do whatever it takes to manufacture them.

Anyway, it probably wouldn’t hurt to complain to the FCC about CBS and see if we can’t cause them some trouble.  It seems well deserved and doesn’t take much effort.

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Tyler, the Portly Politico

Excellent post, photog. I’ve written quite a bit about the willingness (indeed, the seeming eagerness) of Leftists to use political violence to achieve their ends (or of elites on the Left to endorse it tacitly, as your piece discusses). I’ve argued that, the less formal political power Leftists hold, the more and more they’ll embrace political violence and intimidation to achieve their goals:

War Pig
War Pig
3 years ago

Just like the Nazis in the 1920s and early 30s. Political violence as policy. The Nazis were a far left, radical political movement (Hindenburg was the conservative) who used violence and all other means to seize power. Then they criminalized anti-Nazi political speech, rounded up guns, chased political opponents in the streets, harassed them at their homes, threatened their families, destroyed their businesses. The American far left is replicating their steps one for one; even, now, becoming openly antisemitic. Folks, I’ve seen firsthand what happens when a radical leftist government takes over in the name of socialism and equity. Look… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
3 years ago

And, as in the Smollett case, they will write it off, uncaring, and try it all again. Dismissal of all charges was the openest sort of nose-thumbing. They don’t care about the rule of law. They know they are, in effect, above it. The Smollett dismissal proves it. CBS justifying political violence is another example of how brazen they are becoming; and with each new outrage, they will become more and more bold, becoming more and more openly at war with the rest of America. If they are not curtailed, sharply, things are only going to get worse. CBS just… Read more »