FISA Court Veteran Opines on the IG ‘s Report

Francey Hakes, a former assistant U.S. attorney weighs in on the seriousness and the likelihood that abuse of power was involved in the FISA warrants used against the Trump campaign figures.  She has experience with the process having herself appeared before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court during her career, presenting applications for counterterrorism and counterespionage warrants on a special detail to the Department of Justice Office of Intelligence Policy and Review.

Take a look.

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2 years ago

I read that, nice in theory that there are so many protections against the awesome power of the state for the citizens of this nation. Unfortunately, these protections are less than lace curtains in the face of the will to absolute power. Once ultimate power is created, there are those who will have it. Wasn’t that the ultimate lesson of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy? The ring has to be destroyed.